Galvanized steel structures

Galvanized steel structures

Galvanized steel constructions are used in almost every industry. They perform as large-scale warehouses, where goods of various shapes can be stored. These work well as garages for planes, helicopters, logistics and transport fleets. They can be used for production, as an event facility, etc. Such versatility encourages entrepreneurs to buy these steel structures. Their main feature is their durability, which results from an anti-corrosion layer applied to each frame element.

Galvanized steel structures as a polytunnels and storage tents

Galvanizing is designed to protect steel components against corrosion. This process extends the service life of any structure, protecting it from the harmful effects of moisture. Even structures covered with a tarpaulin or foil are exposed to rust. To avoid this phenomenon, a protective layer is applied to the elements. This thin coating increases the resistance of components to mechanical damage and abrasion. Although zinc loses its properties over time, successive treatments will contribute to longevity of tents and polytunnels.

Methods of galvanizing for modular structures

There are many different ways of applying zinc, galvanizing being the most common in the industry:

  •  powder – elements are immersed in powdered zinc containing approx. 6% zinc oxide at a temperature between 350 to 400 ° C
  •  hot dip – which is also referred to as hot dip galvanizing. As the name suggests, it is about immersing steel in liquid zinc at a temperature of 450 ° C which results in an immediate reaction forming a zinc coating
  • electro galvanizing – in a specially prepared zinc bath, cleaned elements are subjected to chemical deposition using electrolysis
  • spraying – molten zinc is applied through an electric arc with a stream of gas to steel parts

How to protect halls, tunnels and tents against rust?

It is difficult to determine the best galvanizing method. Each of these has its advantages and disadvantages and therefore finds its purpose in various industries. The vast majority of modular steel structures are hot-dip galvanized. Such a treatment adheres firmly to the structure, protecting every small gap or corner. This coating is not affected by oil, solvent, grease, paint, varnish or gasoline.

Krosagro modular structures

Items sold in the Krostrade store are modular steel structures. Over time, as users wish to enlarge an object, additional segments can be purchased. These are always available in the warehouse or, in the case of a custom-made facility, can be manufactured. From the very beginning, the aim was to create quick built halls and tents. It became possible as the assembly process was optimally shortened. Moreover, disassembly is even faster. This feature enables to change its location without losing its properties. For some activities, this is the most important benefit.

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