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There are a few steps on how to build a tropical greenhouse; consider the structure, cooling system, shade, dirt, pests, and so forth. If you’re new to this one, then this article will surely be useful for you.

Due to high temperatures, it will undoubtedly require you a fair amount of insulation and also heating. If you want to build a tropical greenhouse, you must keep in mind that the tropical atmosphere will give you a high moisture environment.

There are more things that you should know about how to build a tropical greenhouse. Just read on!


Building A Tropical Greenhouse

There’s no way you can use wood as your primary material in building a habitat for your plants. Given the high moisture build-up, there will be a high potential for the infestations of insects.

Not that it will make your situation worse, but your plants won’t grow as healthy as you wish them to be. Before you build one, you have to know the proper steps on how to build a tropical greenhouse.

It is for you to be sure that you are doing the right thing. You won’t want any mistake, right? So, let’s start!


#1 Make a greenhouse foundation

If you keep your greenhouse foundation at ground level, specific issues will start to arise. Just like when you are to water your plants, the water will flow out rather than flowing down. These problems can be addressed by building an underground foundation.

As an alternative, you can also have the choice to make a mini garden around the perimeter of your plant habitat. It is an excellent move, and it will be beneficial for you, especially if you do not want a cement foundation.

Even if the cement is a very sturdy foundation, it may cost you a little higher. But if you have a budget for a strong greenhouse foundation, then you can go for it.

This step is where you think of the best way to do when the water flows out. In that way, you won’t waste anything, and the plants around your greenhouse can still use the water.


#2 Make sure to have a cooling system

Since you are building a tropical greenhouse, it will be scorching inside without a cooling system. With the use of evaporation coolers, you are assured of energy usage and maintenance.

As a tip, try to purchase a cooler that can function both as an evaporative cooler and a fan. In that way, you can use this in all seasons, most especially if you do not want excessive moisture in your greenhouse.

During the summer season, I advise you to open the panels on the roof so that the hot air will have its way out. The moisture will be at a high level if you fail to do this. But then, make sure that the windows are sealed.


#3 Go for a shade cloth

Large shade cloth is essential so that your tropical greenhouse plants won’t be directly under the blazing sun. Given that there is a high temperature, an aluminum shade cloth is highly recommended. Using this material ensures that heat is reflected instead of absorbed.

But if you want a cloth which is easily and readily available. Then a tan or a green shade is the one that you should get. As for black shade cloth. It will just absorb more heat or light, and that is what you are supposedly trying to avoid.

More warmth in your tropical greenhouse means your plants can be overdosed of the heat and may wither. That is undoubtedly not something that you want to happen.


#4 Walkway and laying dirt

You can make a walkway so that you can avoid stomping on plants in your tropical greenhouse. Fill your path with gravel just under the brick so that you can have a sound draining system. In that way, there won’t be any chance for flooding and you would have a pleasing greenhouse structure.

Since you are building a tropical greenhouse, mushrooms will grow anywhere because of the moisture. These plants can give you more soil, for it will break woods for the mulch. By that, you can have an adequate supply of organic soil and can make your plant habitat a very productive one.


#5 Identify pests

It is a tropical greenhouse, so you are sure that many insects will infiltrate it. If you spray pesticides on bees, it will surely kill them. Bees help in the pollination process, so you might want to keep them. By that, you can use them as a pollinator for your plants.

At high temperatures, there is more life to be born in the case of insects. Some may be destructive, but some kinds will help in your tropical greenhouse’s ecosystem and productivity.



If you already reached this part of the article. We are sure that you know how to build a tropical greenhouse for your plants. The tips that we gave you are indeed beneficial for you so that your plant habitat can yield more products.

Have a good day, and we hope that you build an excellent tropical plant habitat where you would grow healthy and fruitful.

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