Seasonal polytunnel


Also known as “open” tunnels, are constructions intended to cover large scale production. This type of structure is often chosen by growers cultivating trees, shrubs and berries. The great advantage of seasonal polytunnel is that the construction has been designed with the possibility of extension in length or width. The convenience of this feature gives the ability to alter the size of the tunnel in line with the development of cultivated areas.

Commercial crops under cover

Planting in an agricultural greenhouse brings many benefits. Inside the tunnel, soil and air heat up faster than outside. Higher temperatures result in faster growing processes, better growth and fruiting. Air circulation throughout the structure maintains a standard level of humidity and temperature. During cold months, fast-flowering plants are protected from frost that could damage them. That way, farmers can start planting earlier and grow until the end of autumn.

Seasonal foil tunnels for farmers
Sezonowy tunel foliowy o konstrukcji modułowej z rur i profili

Universal plastic polytunnel

The Krosagro offer includes accessories to personalize cultivation under cover, as well as the option of garage or storage. An easy adaptation allows the entrepreneur, at any time, to modify its function. If it is not required, the structure can be dismantled and stored until it is needed or transported to another site where it will be more useful. During transport, the object does not lose its properties.

Construction of a seasonal tunnel

Sezonowe tunele foliowe 2

Elements of the polytunnel

Consist of galvanized pipes and profiles. A zinc layer applied at production stage protects steel against corrosion, guaranteeing a long service life for the structure.

Sezonowe tunele foliowe 1

Modular polytunnel construction

The modular construction system developed by Krosagro facilitates the assembly process and, above all, it is not necessary to hire a qualified team. This significantly reduces the cost of the investment. All items delivered are ready for immediate installation after receipt.

Sezonowe tunele foliowe

Cost of a seasonal tunnel

The price of a seasonal greenhouse depends on its size, additional equipment, steel coating, etc.


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Seasonal polytunnel