Modern buildings for cultivation under cover


Structures for producers of plants and agricultural crops. Inside, commercial plantations of vegetables, fruits, flowers, mushrooms, etc are implemented. As each type of culture has different needs, the structures differ radically. Most of them are special tunnels, made on order. These customized structures are perfectly adapted to the type of crop harvested. A commercial greenhouse is a sterile and modifiable environment. For the farmer, this means that the foil enables to shape the micro-climate inside.

Commercial crops under cover

Entrepreneurs investing in a professional polytunnel have the guaranty, under cover, to be able to modify the micro-climate at will and start the growing process of crops earlier than in open fields or over a full year. The plastic foil creates a safety zone, independent of the weather conditions, with no outside influence. Ventilation allows to adjust conditions inside, to perfectly suit the type of culture. The growing season with greenhouses starts much earlier and ends much later. From the first thaws, as soil and air inside stabilize a little, the farmer can begin his production.

Constructions made of pipes and profiles for crop producers under covers.
Profesjonalne tunele foliowe na komercyjne plantacje dla przedsiębiorstw rolnych.

Economic greenhouses at attractive prices

Plastic foil tunnels are often an alternative to expensive glass greenhouses. For half the price of a glass construction, the contractor can enjoy several greenhouses. For the same amount, however, a fully equipped and automated construction is possible with similar parameters, just significantly larger. The resistance of these facilities is no less. And with the use of polycarbonate, the reliability of the tunnels can be further improved. Entrepreneurs who want to inquire about the price of a greenhouse can contact Krosagro thanks to the form below. In order to speed up the entire process and facilitate communication, it is advisable to fill in the approximate dimensions of the structure and the required equipment.

Construction of a professional polytunnel

Profesjonalne tunele foliowe 3

Galvanized steel construction

Constructions, made of hot-dip galvanized steel tubes and sections, made from high quality raw materials, guarantee a long service life. The anti-corrosion layer protects the steel from damage and the elements retain their resistance despite constant humidity inside the tunnel.

Profesjonalne tunele foliowe 2

Modular construction

The structure includes supports, arches, reinforcements, clamps, anchors, etc. This modular construction system developed by Krosagro means that any construction can be assembled and disassembled quickly and easily.

Profesjonalne tunele foliowe 1

Grown in winter

There is no reason to worry about frost, the film protects the plants against the cold. There is also the possibility of buying an all year round polytunnel, where vegetables and fruits can also be grown in winter.


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