Gothic polytunnel

Gothic polytunnel

A gothic polytunnel is a particular product because of its shape. With half-round walls, the roof then gets narrow at the very top to increase the solidity of structures. We will reveal in this article why the shape of a hobby tunnel is essential.

Gothic greenhouse for cultivation under cover

The shape of this structure made of steel pipes and profiles is adapted to the weather conditions found in a temperate zone. Various atmospheric conditions will occur during seasonal changes. Low and high temperatures, rain and snow as well as strong gusty winds are common. To some extent, a greenhouse is suited to resist each of these hazards. With modifications from gardeners, greenhouses can become year-round facilities with a 365 day cultivation cycle. So what are the advantages of such a solution?

A solid greenhouse for the garden

Rain and snow have less space to accumulate thanks to the shape of the construction. The narrow tops spread gradually as far as the sides of the structure. As foil is stretched, any precipitation will be evacuated. If snow begins to gather, all you have to do is sweep it with a broom or maintain a positive temperature inside the foil. This can be achieved thanks to the implementation of heating. Snow flakes will melt as soon as they land on the foil. These structures also tolerate much stronger wind gusts, splitting it evenly across its aerodynamic shape.

Anti-corrosion coating on the gardening tent

Steel elements, from the smallest screw to the longest parts, have been treated with a layer of zinc that slows down any corrosion process. With a cyclical maintenance, galvanized polytunnels will remain operational for many seasons. Moisture, resulting from cultivation, ground release and changes of weather conditions, will not represent such a harmful factor.

Ventilation for crops under cover

Polytunnels with side ventilation are also called multi-vegetation and are equipped with an airing system. Vents placed on the sides will open when winding up the cranks, enabling an air flow. Excess moisture or heat is removed from the greenhouse. Consequently, the micro climate will normalize to the required level. For gardeners, this is a great feature to avoid overheating or moisture in their greenhouse.

Modular steel construction

Frames, entirely made of steel pipes with thicknesses of 0.8 and 1.2mm can cope with strong gusts of wind and snow loads. Secured to the ground with anchors or fixed to concrete blocks, they are able to withstand tough weather. A stable structure means that you can safely leave it all year long in the garden. Hanging shelves to display pots is also an available option with steel structures. You can therefore benefit from more space to cultivate.

Space in a greenhouse

The height of a gothic polytunnel is such that it makes it possible to maneuver inside whether you are standing or kneeling. The entrance is wide enough to bring in wheelbarrows. By investing in a 2 door set up, gardeners avails of a walk-in greenhouse. This design facilitates many tasks related to daily plant care.

Aesthetic foil tunnel

Greenhouses should be functional and enable their owner to create an optimal climate for good harvests. In addition, it is also very important for this build to look attractive. Occupying a fair space in the garden, it should not disrupt the environment but blend in with the existing design. Steel tunnels reflect the sunshine away from the structure as the foil diffuses light inside. It looks great with the light going down in the background, as the last rays of the sun light up those multicolored flowers.

Micro climate in a foil

Plants inside develop with completely different conditions compared to those outside. Thanks to a tight cover, a micro climate is created that boosts plants’ growth. During cold days, when the climate is not favorable for the development of crops, a higher temperature is maintained under the foil. That way, seedlings are ready to grow in March or early April. Species and varieties that are more resistant to frost can grow all year round in a gothic polytunnel .

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