Hen house in a steel tent

Hen house in a steel tent 1

A hen house in a steel tent is a much cheaper structure than a brick construction. It is easier to maintain, ventilation works at any time of the year, and halls can be insulated in order to work during the cold months. The design itself and installation should be adapted to the type of birds being bred and feature an efficient lighting system. All of the above conditions are met by steel tents. We will talk about how to adapt them to poultry farming in this text.

Hen house in a tent hall under a tarpaulin cover

To build a hen house and start breeding, building permission and materials alone are not enough. Modern poultry houses are more than just an installation. They must meet a number of building regulations and health requirements. Even before investing, it is worth getting acquainted with local development plans, building development laws, environmental impact procedures, etc. Although there is quite a lot to deal with, finding a professional or using the services of a consulting company will probably facilitate the whole process. Check the deadlines so as not to delay any process.

Tent hall design

Taking into account the impact of such a production on the surroundings is an important issue when designing a tent. Without meeting strict environmental requirements, the venture may be stopped. Water purification devices and draining method should be rethought. Structures will present a number of sections in length and width, as poultry species have different needs and different regulations should be observed. To minimize bad smells emanating from the site, high insulating bushes can be planted.

Construction of tent halls

During the entire breeding process, structures will be affected by atmospheric conditions and production itself. Frames are made of hot-dip galvanized steel pipes and profiles, protected from corrosion. Corrosion is the result of moisture, appearing as a result of changing temperatures, evaporation and condensation of water. Without hot dip zinc coating, structures would quickly begin to deteriorate. These modular constructions, designed to be enlarged at a suitable time for the investor, offer more convenience. A growing company will probably need additional space over time. The frame enables connection of necessary breeding systems. Structures can be reinforced with steel trusses in conjunction with arches. This system increases durability and facilities can withstand even bad weather conditions.

Cost of a hen house in a steel tent

A significant part of the costs lies with building and ventilation. Dimensions of tents will affect the amount invested. It is difficult to clearly define a sum as customers have various needs. That is why many of them are based on an individual project. After contacting customer service, potential users link with Krosagro employees to establish all characteristics. Electricity, food and water dispensers control system, anchoring… are added to the basic cost. These equipment must be resistant to droppings, easy to disinfect, resistant to mechanical damage. As far as cover is concerned, remember that it should be designed to protect poultry against temperature changes.

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