Manufacturer of hot dip galvanized steel pipes and profiles structures: halls, tents and polytunnels for agriculture, horticulture, industry and production. The modular system developed by the brand allows fast and efficient assembly of structures and guarantees high strength and long-term use. Greenhouses and storage tents are available in sizes suited to individual specifications, wholesalers and plant producers. The offer includes economical standard constructions and professional structures designed on request (turnkey).


Tunnels and greenhouses are used by gardening enthusiasts and growers. The frame of these constructions is made with pipes and profiles made of hot-dip galvanized steel, assembled according to a modular system. The segments assembled constitute durable frames adapted to the various locations and to all types of substrate. These Krosagro products are also ideally suited as a warehouse, garage and shelter for small businesses. Universal use and proven functionality are the characteristics of Krosagro greenhouses.


All-season and seasonal film tunnels

Professional polytunnels guarantee crop protection. This solution is intended for farmers cultivating plants with high requirements on large areas . The modular building system enables extension of the facility and installation of crop support systems, like heaters, irrigation systems, fans.


Halls and garage tents guarantee protection of vehicles and machinery under cover throughout the year. A quality tarpaulin is fixed to a galvanized or hot-dip galvanized steel frame, protecting the metal against corrosion. Robust pipes and profiles make up the structure, these are assembled in a modular construction system. Assembly of the tent is performed quickly, efficiently and does not require skilled labor, generating considerable savings. The elements, combined in a segmented construction, create a sustainable structure all year round.


Tunnels, halls and storage tents are universal structures that are easily adaptable for various functions. In a short space of time, they can be turned into a facility for cultivation under cover, garage for machines and vehicles, or eventually into warehouses. Versatility is a huge benefit for contractors who may need storage without delay. The quick installation and easy disassembly enables the use of the structure where required. The mobility of the tent does not affect the quality of the product. The price of the structure is also an important asset. The cost of large structures made of pipes and profiles is only a fraction of the price of sheet metal halls and brick buildings.

Professional polytunnel 7 x 3,5 x 20

Farm in Wysoka near Łańcut

Multi span polytunnel 8 x 4 x 30 m

Horticulture Krzak in Pińczów

Polytunnel 6,4 x 3,5 x 32 with reinforced trus

Horticulture Bożena Klatka in Jedlicze

Modern technological solutions


Halls, tents and polytunnels are structures fully adapted to the exact requirements of the client.


Easy adaptation enables comprehensive use of structures as a support for business.


Each element of the structure has been galvanized. The additional zinc layer protects steel against corrosion.


Even following purchase and during operation, customers can expand the tunnel, hall or tent, increasing the required space.


Many years of experience from the manufacturer guarantee solid and durable materials as well as high quality finish.


Easy and quick assembly and disassembly allow effortless change of location and transport of halls, tents and polytunnels.


Guides on crop cultivation under cover

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