Krosagro is a manufacturer of polytunnels and specialized polytunnels made from hot-dip galvanized steel pipes and profiles. The offer includes garden greenhousesprofessional multi chapelsseasonal greenhouses as well as garage and storage tents.



Garden polytunnels

Garden greenhouses are small constructions consisting of pipes and steel profiles. With a plastic foil fixed on the frame, they generate a beneficial micro-climate for crops. Plants, fruits and vegetables grown under cover in such conditions are protected against the harmful effects of atmospheric phenomena, such as acid rain, gusts of wind but also pathogens and pests. The cover creates a fully controllable environment in which the owner of the garden tunnel can determine temperature, humidity, irrigation, amount of light, etc.

Polytunnels are available as follows :

• mini tunnels
• single vegetation polytunnels
• polytunnels with side ventilation (multi-vegetation)
• light polytunnels
• galvanized steel polytunnels

Konstrukcje do upraw przemysłowych
gotyckie oraz łukowe struktury realizowane na zamówienie pod klucz

Seasonal polytunnels

This type of greenhouse is used to cover seasonal crops. For farmers operating in open fields, the modular system and mobility of tunnels will be essential parameters. A farm evolves over time. It expands its production space, creates new plantations and abandons the less profitable for the most productive. Thanks to the possible modifications of the structure, producers can enlarge the production area at the rate of their growth. The Krosagro modular seasonal polytunnel can be extended in length and width. Such a construction is often used as:

• Polytunnel to grow berries
• Tunnel to grow raspberries
• Polytunnel to grow strawberries
• Tunnel to cover orchards

Professional polytunnels

Professional polytunnels are designed for large scale production under cover. When manufacturing individual projects, we ensure to adapt the structures to the intended crops . Thanks to the high quality materials used during production, reliability and efficiency of the equipment are guaranteed. An optimal growth process is achieved thanks to the plastic foil, which protects the crop against harmful atmospheric phenomena. The micro-climate created in the greenhouse boosts the development of plants, contributing to larger crops and higher quality. Among the products available, there are standard greenhouses and custom polytunnels. The offer includes:

• single polytunnels
• bi tunnels
• multi-chapel polytunnels
• seasonal polytunnels
• multi-season polytunnels
• polytunnels with side and roof ventilation


Elements and accessories for polytunnels

Akcesoria do tuneli foliowych 4

Tubes, profile and tunnel parts

Krosagro provides ready-to-use constructions as well as individual components and accessories. Pipes, profiles, and tunnel fittings are compatible elements enabling you to modify previously installed structures. By way of example, we could mention:

Hobbystyczne tunele foliowe 10

Hot-dip galvanized steel

The frame of the greenhouse is made of hot-dip galvanized steel pipes and profiles. This manufacturing process protects against corrosion and prolongs their long-term operation. The farmer, equipped with a modern structure for under cover cultivation, can produce more and longer compared to traditional farming methods.

Akcesoria do tuneli foliowych 1

Tunnel elements and accessories

These elements and accessories are constantly available in the producer’s warehouses and manufactured on the production lines of Stal Impex Sp. z o.o., owner of the Krosagro – manufacturer of polytunnels. The company, which has been operating on this market for 21 years, provides customers with highly processed steel products, including sections and building components.


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