Garage and storage tent during winter

Garage and storage tent during winter 1

Garage and storage tents during winter will be an ideal shelter for equipment, tools and machines. Most of these items will be needed again in the new year when spring returns. To keep them in good condition and functional, they should be stored under cover. A tarpaulin will protect all devices against snow, rain, wind and sun. Each of these factors tend to affect service life of goods. However, you can cover them at a low cost by keeping them safe in a portable tent.

Garage and storage tents – year-round constructions

The frame of these modular constructions is made of steel pipes and profiles, which are assembled to form a structure covered by a tarpaulin. Steel elements, at production stage, are treated with a layer of zinc. This coating protects against corrosion, which is the result of constant exposure to moisture. Thanks to it, facilities maintain their strength for years. Cyclic maintenance guarantees safe and year round protection.

All-year round storage garage and storage tent

These structures are simple, as well as durable constructions. After a quick look at the drawings, it becomes immediately clear. Any garage tent can be assembled alone, but the process is much more efficient if you have someone to help. Small constructions will be ready in a couple of hours. Once tarpaulin is installed and fixed on to pipes by means of welded straps, the structure is ready to operate.

Construction ready for winter

During the year, facilities will be exposed to weather conditions. Therefore, you should prepare your tent for winter at the end of the season. The tarpaulin should adhere firmly to the structure so that no part vibrates in the wind or rubs against the frame. Every now and then, straps will have to be fastened if they get loose. A well anchored structure is less prone to damage. There are many ways to stabilize it to the ground. Some users secure it to paving stones or blocks using clamps, or screw it into the ground.

Tarpaulin cover

A tarpaulin is an all-year round cover, which is treated with a number of substances to protect it against UV rays, reduce the risk of fire and facilitate subsequent cleaning. In the event of tears, you can still use a special repair tape for covers. For winter, a tarpaulin without damage is a must. As snow falls, it will accumulate and sometimes remain on it for long periods.

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