Producent Krosagro - producent struktur dla firm

Halls, tents and tunnels for industry and production

Krosagro steel pipes and profiles constructions are industrial and production facilities. Thanks to their universal structure, they are suitable for many industries as warehouses, production workshops, sorting rooms and garages. A solid halls tents and tunnels for industry and production ensures long-term operation whereas modular solutions optimize all types of structures.

halls and garage tents for companies

✅ Commercial industrial tents

Industrial halls are an alternative for permanent buildings. Compared to them, modular tents are less expensive, their assembly is faster and, thanks to their design, they are mobile. Halls are easy to integrate regardless of the location, with only a few adaptations required. Disassembly is easy and effective, which allows straightforward transfer of the structure from one place to another.

✅ Design of a garage tent

Commercial warehouses, garages and industrial halls are structures made of segments ready to be assembled, combined and multiplied. The advantages of these constructions make them suitable for :

• factories
• industrial laundries
• printing houses
• manufacturing industry
• workshops
• car showrooms
• transport companies
• transport industry
• food and processing industry
• sawmills

High quality construction

These modern tents are not only functional and relatively inexpensive, they also constitute a solid construction. The materials used for their production are high quality raw materials.

Elements & parts construction

The pipes and profiles are galvanized post production. This treatment increases steel resistance to corrosion, which considerably prolongs its longevity.

Custom made industrial constructions

Investors who order turnkey halls, tents and tunnels avail of a design adapted to the company profile. The turnkey structure, after delivery, is ready for assembly, and only requires a preliminary preparation of the support.


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