Companies with a large fleet of machines and vehicles need to store their equipment safely. Bodywork and exteriors exposed to atmospheric phenomena deteriorate over time. This leads to a drop in their values and more frequent failures. Halls and garage tents are a safe solution for their storage.

Mobile and modular parking structure

The modular development system designed by Krosagro allows the user to install the facility and implement it easily and quickly. The elements consist of segments of steel pipes and profiles ready for assembly. After tightening the last screw and connecting the last element, the hall or garage is fully functional. Thanks to hot-dip galvanizing, the structure is protected against corrosion, making it operational for many years.

Przemysłowa hala namiotowa

Design of a garage tent

Universal tents can be adapted to any activity and industry. The equipment, as well as the type of construction will depend on the individual preferences of users. Structures are often used as:

• showrooms for cars
• shelter for agricultural and construction machinery
• garages for logistics and shipping companies
• aircraft hangars
• garage for yachts and boats

Krosagro storage tents

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Spacious garages for companies

The structure is designed in such a way to store machines while being able to move them easily inside. The possibility of integrating one or more doors on the sides plays an important role in this operation.

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Modular tent

That way, all items are available immediately. The system also enables to equip the garage tent with shelves, curtains, separate the area into a workshop. More complex systems such as ventilation and heating are also possible.


Halls and garage tents on request

Before the order itself, it is important to establish the approximate dimensions of the structure to suit the individual needs of the contractor. This turnkey tent will then integrate optimally into the business profile of the company.


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