Seedlings in a greenhouse

Transplanting in a polytunnel

Transplanting in a polytunnel is a necessary process for optimal…

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Use of foil and tarpaulin
Parsley cultivation in a greenhouse

Growing parsley under cover

Growing parsley under cover is an incredibly simple process. Caring…

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the importance of micro climate control

Humidity and cultivation under cover

Moisture is an important parameter associated with cultivation under cover.…

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Benches for cities and parks

Urban furniture in summer

Urban furniture in summer become an irreplaceable element of any…

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Growing from seeds in a greenhouse
Less wate in your polytunnel
Modular structure for businesses

Prefabricated tent halls

Prefabricated tent halls are very popular for industrial, agriculture and…

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Growing green in a greenhouse

Ecological plant cultivation under cover

Ecological cultivation under cover involves the creation of optimal conditions…

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Greenhouse for large scale production

Professional polytunnel for commercial plant production

A professional polytunnel for commercial plant production should be tailored…

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