Garage tent for motorcycle

Garage tent for motorcycle

A garage tent for motorcycle is a smart replacement for heavy and inflexible brick buildings. It is a small, free-standing structure, without foundations. Thanks to its modular system, it is easy to install and resistant to weather conditions. It protects any motorcycle against rain, dust and sunlight. Price is an additional advantage associated with this type of construction.

Garage tent for motorbike covered with a tarpaulin

Frames consist of pipes and profiles, connected with clamps, connectors and screws, all of course in steel. The material guarantees solidity of tents, and at the same time long service life. Each element is treated with an anti-corrosive layer at production stage. Using hot-dip zinc means that every structural part is more resistant to corrosion. A long lasting tarpaulin secured on top enables storage of vehicles throughout the year.

Modular steel construction

The entire modular steel structure is sent to the customer in packages. Each parcel contains a certain amount of parts. Clear instructions make the process quite clear. Once parts are sorted out, a ready-to-use garage tent can be created shortly. It can be mounted on any surface, whether it is concrete, paving stones or directly onto the ground. Thanks to its universal design, you can change its functions depending on your needs. When needed, you can extend it by buying more segments. These extra elements are fully compatible with existing ones, for modification in length or width.

Mobile garage tent

Easy assembly also means a simple disassembly, which takes even less time. Sometimes the tent will be required elsewhere. Not only as a garage for a motorcycle but as a mobile workshop tent, shelter for equipment, place to store machines, etc. It is also used during various event, as trade stand, warehouse and ordinary cover for activities. Easy adaptable, these structures will prove reliable, even in completely different or surprising set ups.

Garage tent without permission

This is another major advantage, on top of those already mentioned. For most facilities, permission is required to erect a new building. A garage tent doesn’t need any. As a mobile structure, it can change its location. It is not permanently anchored but only temporarily used on a site. Just declare it to the appropriate office and that should be enough. The tent is ready.

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