Express tent for dealers

Modular tent for outdoor trade

An express tent for dealers is ideal for outdoor trade. This huge market is growing every year, especially in locations popular with tourists. As far as outdoor trade is concerned, protecting goods and customers from bad weather is crucial. Mobile constructions that can be fitted on site can be helpful. Structures of this type are particularly widespread in coastal and mountain towns, where multi-colored stalls display various goods under a tarpaulin.

Express tent for outdoor trade

Universal tents can be adapted to any function. The space under the tarpaulin enables to separate the area into warehouse, exhibition, sales, etc. At the time of order, it is worth estimating the size needed for the equipment and implementation of services planned. Each facility manufactured by Krosagro is a modular steel structure, easy to modify. The existing installation can be combined with any other, extending it in width or length. This ensures that traders have the right amount of space to perform their duties.

Modular tent design

Commercial tent equipment is a completely different topic. You could devote a whole series of articles about it. If the structure plays a promotional role, it becomes essential to arrange the space in order to present the company’s products. Displays, monitors, stands, banners etc. that can be fixed or suspended onto the tent frame, represent a great addition. Power lines can be connected to tables, counters and other work stations to plug in cash registers, refrigerators, electric appliances, etc. Concerning lighting, running a few cables will be enough brighten the structure.

Year round portable tent

The choice of steel as the main building material for the frame was dictated by one requirement: a fully secure structure. Throughout their use, structures will be repeatedly exposed to harsh weather conditions. They must withstand strong wind and heavy rainfall. Steel must be protected against corrosion. Krosagro manufactures structures made of pipes and profiles treated with a layer of zinc applied by galvanization or hot dip galvanization. This process thoroughly protects from corrosion. In winter, simply remove snow from the tarpaulin on a regular basis to keep it operational. It is a good idea to maintain a positive temperature inside the building to prevent ice.

Universal express tent

A tent fits into any space, performs all year round and can be expanded at a low cost. These features are significantly beneficial for outdoor trade. You can add their quick disassembly, as their name suggest. Express dismantling is possible thanks to modular construction and smart design. All elements are connected with each other using clamps, connectors, brackets, etc. which are secured to the structure with screws. Regular tools like spanners and combination pliers will do the job. After a short look at the drawing, the process is clear. A few minutes later, the structure is ready. Disassembly is equally as fast. Once the facility has been packed, it can be stored until needed, without losing any of its properties.

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