How To Keep Your Greenhouse Cool

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This article will show the tips on how to keep your greenhouse cool for beginners; by using natural & artificial ventilation, shade, water tanks, and a misting system. Though they might look intimidating, these methods are easy to follow.

You can even pick what you think is suitable for your greenhouse. They’re all cost-effective and comprehensive. You will love and take care of your greenhouse even more.

Well, greenhouse keeping is a trending hobby globally, and you have decided to build your greenhouse and plant the crops you like. Now, how would you uphold the growth of your plants?

There are a lot of factors that you should consider in taking care of a greenhouse. One that you must not overlook is the temperature within the infrastructure. It’s not limited to that, though. Without further ado, let’s talk about how to keep your greenhouse cool.


Why Keep Your Greenhouse Cool?

Before everything else, let’s know why you should keep your greenhouse cool. Plants need an adequate amount of temperature to grow and further nourish their development. Greenhouses shouldn’t be too hot nor too cold.

In hot and humid days, especially in the summer and in tropical countries, the buildings should adapt to the high external temperatures and maintain the internal thermal balance for the plants to strive.

A drastic change in degrees above the average temperature would expose the plants to heat stress and cause wilting. Browning or yellowing of the leaves would also be prominent due to the high temperatures absorbing the plants’ systems’ moisture.

Keeping your greenhouse cool is a must to ensure your crops’ life and for them to survive the scorching heat.


Tips On How To Keep Your Greenhouse Cool

In this section, we will explain the needed materials and procedures for you to keep your greenhouse lively through the hot summer days. Don’t worry; these are easy to understand and follow. Choosing the appropriate method on how to keep your greenhouse cool is up to you!


#1 Natural ventilation

Cooling your greenhouse can be done by utilizing air and proper ventilation. This ensures that the heat isn’t trapped within your greenhouse and stabilizes the infrastructure’s overall temperature.

Natural ventilation is a cost-efficient and free method to keep your greenhouse cool. If your building has exhaust vents and doors, it is highly recommended to open all of them during hot days. This allows the constant flow of hot air so that it won’t be restricted inside.

Use open weave interior shade screens to allow hot air from escaping the inside of the greenhouse. The hot air would escape uniformly and evenly, therefore, not creating any thermal imbalance that could affect the plants’ development.


#2 Artificial ventilation

If your greenhouse is still hot, then it’s time to bring out the machines. Many human-made types of machinery are available in different stores that could aid in minimizing high temperatures.

Cooling fans are one of these. They lessen the internal heat through constantly regulating the air throughout the greenhouse.

If it fits your budget, it is also advisable to use an evaporative cooler or a swamp cooler. It cools the whole building more quickly and efficiently than a regular cooling fan. This device uses less energy than indoor air conditioners and refrigerators.


#3 Shade

Air isn’t the only medium that you can use to cool your greenhouse down. During sunny days, the right amount of shade will work and benefit your plants greatly.

Shade cloths are effective in deterring scorching temperatures. These are made of semi-transparent materials that block summer sunlight by a significant amount whilst not depriving them of the amount of light they need. It helps in lessening the heat inside the building.

Blinds also help in reducing high heat. You can install them on one side or multiple sides, depending on your location. Exterior blinds are more effective in blocking sunlight directly. Interior blinds could be used if you want the greenhouse to cool down by a small percentage.

Do you cool down your greenhouse while making it look more natural? Foliage from trees around the infrastructure could help. You could also establish your foliage above the building by positioning the leaves and vines correctly. This highly reduces the heat from entering your greenhouse.


#4 Water tanks

High temperatures mean faster rates of water evaporation. This could lead to soil drying and depriving the plants of the water that they need.

A water tank covering a large surface area would address this problem. It provides water to the dried up surface and cools it down, adapting to the constant evaporation of water during hot days and avoiding water stress.

However, you should never forget to always check up on your water tanks! Overwatering your plants could destroy them as much as under-watering them.


#5 Misting system

Damping your greenhouse down is effective in eliminating the scorching heat. A misting system is an effective and safe way to keep your plants cool.

This system provides a light, constant water spray to aid in the quick evaporation and diminish high temperatures within your greenhouse. It’s even stable and easier to use than water tanks!

The constant moisture, however, could be a breeding ground for fungi and molds. Use it sensibly and only during hot days when you can’t withstand the heat.



Global warming and the rising of temperatures is a tricky situation for most greenhouse enthusiasts. It’s better to be ready and protect your well-grown plants against these climate changes by following this guide on how to keep your greenhouse cool. We should always improvise, adapt, and overcome the challenges.

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