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KROSAGRO is a manufacturer of steel pipe and profile constructions whose main products are professional and hobby tunnels. In addition to greenhouses, garage tents, storage tents and industrial halls & breeding tunnels. Event tents are also on offer for individual users, entrepreneurs and wholesalers.

The Krosagro brand is part of STAL IMPEX Sp. z o.o., which has been operating on the international market for 21 years as a producer of tubes and steel profiles. More than two decades of activity have contributed to the development of solutions for industrial facilities, widely adopted by customers.  As both users and designers , we fully understand the needs of businesses, requiring storage and working space for optimal management.

✅ Professional and hobby polytunnels

Tunnels extend the growing season of crops. Krosagro manufactures standard-sized polytunnels , as well as custom-made structures on request.

Their construction is made of hot-dip galvanized steel elements, with a durable UV-2 or UV-5 foil, with UV-10 on option. All plastic films offer effective protection against UV rays and other weather conditions.

vegetables under cover - crops
Constructions of pipes and profiles for storage and garage

✅ Halls, garage and storage tents

Small structures serve as a garage for vehicles, tool room and storage for gardening. Large tents replace permanent buildings. Halls made of galvanized steel tubes and profiles are as reliable while remaining much less expensive. The main advantage for the user lies in the modular system enabling to modify halls and tents. These consist of ready-made segments, adapted to an extension system developed by Krosagro. At any time, structures can grow in length or width, increasing the volume and the workspace or storage as required.

✅ Steel pipe and profile constructions on request

In addition to standard structures available at Krosagro dealers and Krostrade store, turnkey halls, tents and tunnels can be ordered. These constructions are fully customized according to the industry in which the contractor operates. Users can decide freely on the height, width and equipment of the warehouse, tent or tunnel. A wide range of covers, types of construction , as well as attractive prices means our products are being approved worldwide. High standards and a customized ordering process are the advantages of KROSAGRO, earning us customers’ trust, even outside our borders.

profile, pipe and parts modular

Garage and storage tents

Garages and portable warehouses are spacious buildings for gardens, small businesses , as well as bigger companies looking to store goods.

Hobby and professional greenhouses

Greenhouses, garden tunnels for cultivation under cover for the hobbyists as well as professional producers of vegetables, fruits and flowers.

Modular buildings on request

Halls, tents and tunnels are universal structures that can be adapted to all types of industries and activities. However, if needed , Krosagro offers the possibility to design individual project as some of the structures are manufactured on request.


Seasonal polytunnel


Garage tents


Garden polytunnels


Commercial polytunnel


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