Elements and accessories for polytunnels


Each element manufactured by Krosagro can integrate a modular system. For users, this means that they can expand the structure as they wish, by enlarging it in length or width. Spare, Elements and accessories for polytunnels are constantly available in stock. This also applies for accessories for halls, tents and other steel constructions.

Polytunnel Parts & Spares

The constant production of pipes and profiles, as well as a specific department in charge of tunnels, halls and tents, make it possible to manufacture structures at a great pace. Most components for these facilities are produced on the premises of the company. That way, each product is meticulously finished. The high quality of the elements is guaranteed not only by the use of first-class steel. But also by 21 years of experience in the production of pipes and profiles.

Polytunnel building elements

Over time, Krosagro products have demonstrated their qualities with plant producerswholesalers and individual customers. Domestic, European and international markets required products characterized by their durability and durability, as well as a modular expansion system. Simple assembly and disassembly without the use of a qualified team represent an important saving for users. Clear technical documentation illustrates how to mount the structure step by step and in case of a doubt, customer service and designers are always available for advice.

Polytunnel spare parts

Akcesoria do tuneli foliowych 12

Side bow

Akcesoria do tuneli foliowych 9

Crank for multi-vegetation tunnels

Akcesoria do tuneli foliowych 13

Upper bow

Akcesoria do tuneli foliowych 5

Anchors for soil and concrete

Akcesoria do tuneli foliowych 6

Bilateral upper bow

Akcesoria do tuneli foliowych 7

Steel clips

Custom elements


Standard elements for polytunnels are always available in stock. In the case of custom constructions, previously archived projects allow us to reproduce previously manufactured accessories. There is also the possibility to place orders for specific pipes and profiles.

Obejmy i rury stalowe jako element stelażu dla przenośnych konstrukcji
konstrukcja tunelu foliowego ze stali


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