Hobby polytunnels are constructions made of steel pipes and profiles that have been galvanized or hot-dip galvanized at the manufacturing stage. A zinc layer protects the frame elements against corrosion. Under the cover, a microclimate favoring growth is created, resulting from the application of a foil on the structure.

Single vegetation hobby tunnel

A simple type of construction, made exclusively from steel pipes, available in galvanized and hot-dip galvanized steel versions. The elements are assembled, then secured with screws and nuts to consolidate the modules. A foil, in addition to heat storage and the creation of a micro-climate, acts as a stabilizer for the structure. The film is buried in the ground, increasing its resistance to wind and weather. The customer can choose a facility with one or two doors. Opened on each side, they create a natural airflow, eliminating excess moisture outside the greenhouse. If the temperature is too high, the process is similar.

Dimensions of the construction:

  • Length: from 2,5 m to 15 m
  • Width: from 2 m to 4 m
  • Height: from 2 m to 2,40 m

Multi vegetation polytunnel – with double lateral ventilation

The structure is designed on the basis of professional tunnels, from which the ventilation system has been replicated. The ventilation system in a garden greenhouse is activated with lateral openings located on the two lengths. They are lifted manually using cranks. By operating so, the plastic foil is rolled up, enabling air circulation inside. Gardeners can therefore easily control the climate. In conjunction with the foil, an insect net is supplied, making access difficult for pests. The greenhouse consists of galvanized or hot-dip galvanized steel pipes and sections, assembled into segments.

Dimensions of the construction:

  • Length: from 2,5 m to 15 m
  • Width: from 2 m to 4 m
  • Height: from 2 m to 2,40 m

Mini tunnel

Small covered structure for multiple applications, used to protect seedlings, strawberries and young shoots against low temperatures. This can be combined with larger installations, garden polytunnels or professional tunnels, thanks to which producers can obtain favorable conditions for growth even more quickly. The season can start after the first thaw, because a well protected crop does not get damaged by the cold or low temperatures.

Dimensions of the construction:

• Length: from 2,5 m to 10 m
• Width: 0,8m
• Height: 0,8m

Light polytunnel

This type of steel tunnel was designed by Krosagro to reduce the price of structures while maintaining their durability. In this case, the application of a zinc layer by hot-dip galvanizing was abandoned and replaced by a mechanical method. Such a layer also protects the elements from corrosion. The transparent cover has been replaced by a reinforced foil and the door unfolds instead of opening.

Dimensions of the construction:

  • Length: from 2,5 m to 6,25 m
  • Width: from 2 m to 3 m
  • Height: from 2 m to 2,50 m

Construction of polytunnels

Jednym ze sposobów na wietrzenie upraw po osłonami jest wybór tunelu z wietrzeniami bocznymi.

Foil for indoor cultivation

Fastened using plastic clips on steel pipes – the foil is firmly held in place on the structure. UV2 or UV5 films are used to cover crops. The greenhouse can resist to strong gusts of wind and, in the case of heavy rains, the water does not accumulate but is simply drained out. The plastic film separating indoor and outdoor environments creates a unique micro-climate in the structure. During the cold months, in case of frost, the plants are protected against low temperatures. Soil and air warming up in the tunnel make it possible to start cultivation much earlier. Under normal conditions, outdoor cultivation is not possible, unlike in the garden tunnel.

Modułowy tunel foliowy składa się z rur i kształtowników

Frame of a polytunnel

Pipes and profiles are designed in such a way that the assembly process takes very little time. As soon as the customer receives his parcels, the greenhouse is ready to be assembled. The best solution is to find a second person to help you and the installation will be operational in one hour. The greenhouse consists of ready-made elements, divided into sections. Parts are compatible, enabling the creation of your own construction project with the same structures or additional parts.

Hobbystyczne tunele foliowe

Price, design and delivery

The size, type of anti-corrosion coating and type of foil – all these factors influence the price of a garden greenhouse. Paradoxically, the longer the tunnel, the lower the cost. Standard products are available in the Krostrade online shop or at one of the many Krosagro polytunnel wholesalers. If you intend to order bulk quantities, we encourage you to contact customer service first. Spare parts are always available in the online shop.


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