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Today, we will make your greenhouse look more presentable. We will elaborate on how to clean greenhouse glass through two easy steps: finding the right materials and cleaning the glass properly.

Having a greenhouse isn’t all about planting and taking care of your plants. As an enthusiast, you also have to keep the entire building clean and suitable for your crops and flowers’ growth. No one wants a dirty greenhouse.

Your greenhouse would look tidier and more satisfactory through this simple manual than ever, inside and out!


Why Should You Clean Greenhouse Glass?

Greenhouses are filled with soil rich in minerals, ideal for adequate plant growth. The environment inside a greenhouse is warm and moist to aid in the development of seedlings and crops. This serves as a breeding ground for a lot of microorganisms, such as bacteria and fungi.

These buildings are also prone to other large problems such as gnats and algae; it’s due to the ideal amount of sunlight, abundance of nutrients found in the soil, and the overall temperature of these greenhouses.

Without taking care of these pests properly, their growth and population will boom, which is a significant risk for the crops inside your greenhouse. They usually grow on all surfaces of your greenhouse, especially the glass panels, promoting stains and dirt around the infrastructure.

It doesn’t only affect your plants, but it also affects the cleanliness and the visual of the whole building! It is a requirement for you to take control and prevent these mishaps along the way.


How To Clean Greenhouse Glass?

Don’t worry. Cleaning your greenhouse glass is easier than you could ever imagine! In this section, we will fully expound all of the essential tips on how to clean greenhouse glass for you to achieve a cleaner and healthier greenhouse.


#1 Finding the right materials

Cleaning a greenhouse glass isn’t just getting a random bottle of bleach and proceed with doing so. Some chemicals found in most household cleaners are dangerous and could destroy the plants’ well-being inside your greenhouse.

You should begin the cleaning process by finding the right materials beforehand to save you from buying harmful and unnecessary cleaning products. In this section, we will jot down a list of fabrics that you should purchase and use for your greenhouse glass cleaning;



Alcohol is useful for destroying bacterial colonies on various surfaces. Using alcohol with a higher than 60% solution would be beneficial for wiping off any unwanted bacteria clinging to the glass panels that could affect your plants’ development.



This chemical is strong and effective against stains, fungi, and bacteria. However, to prevent corrosion, bleach should be diluted with water before using it. One part bleach to nine parts of water is the standard ratio when using this material to clean greenhouse glass.


Hydrogen dioxide

Hydrogen dioxide is a chemical found in a lot of house cleaning products. It kills bacteria upon contact and is great for removing moss and algal stains.


Algaecides and fungicides

Algal growth is one of the main problems in greenhouse glass surfaces. Algaecides are effective in eliminating algal and moss stains and preventing them from growing back.

Fungicides are also useful in removing moss and mold stains that could be growing on these surfaces. It immediately eliminates fungal colonies, which could hinder your plants’ growth.


Glass Cleaners

You can never go wrong with glass cleaners when cleaning stains on your greenhouse glass. Most glass cleaners even come with an antibacterial solution that doesn’t only clean your greenhouse glass, but also eliminate germs on those surfaces!


#2 Cleaning the glass properly

Now that you have the necessary chemicals to use, it’s time for you to make your greenhouse sparkly clean. However, cleaning isn’t all about using chemicals.

To use your materials with the highest effectivity, you should use them with a microfiber cloth. This type of fabric doesn’t put scratches on your greenhouse glass and is very powerful in removing surface stains.

If you’re planning to clean your greenhouse, do the whole process on a breezy or hot day. In that way, air-drying the surfaces after cleaning them would be more comfortable and shorter.

Begin your greenhouse glass cleaning by covering or isolating the plants near the glass panels throughout the whole process. This will ensure that none of the chemicals would harm your plants. If electrical sockets are present nearby, make sure to cover them to prevent yourself from electrocution.

Remove all dirt, algae, moss, and molds on the surface of the greenhouse glass panels. Use your chemicals accordingly and follow the instructions stated on the packaging label.

After doing so, you can wash and rinse the surface using a bucket full of warm water. Use a ladder to reach high surfaces to clean the entirety of the infrastructure deeply.

You can leave it as it is after you’re done cleaning. It is recommended to air dry the glass surfaces after doing so. Reposition your isolated plants back after the entire process is finished.

See? Through this guide on how to clean greenhouse glass, cleaning has never been this simple and easy!


Final Words

A sense of responsibility and determination should always accompany your passion for gardening. Maintaining the well-being of your greenhouse is a high priority and an easy thing to do. It ensures the stable development of your plants and the cleanliness of your surroundings.

Hopefully, after reading this article about how to clean greenhouse glass, you are already an expert in doing so!

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