Event tents


Mobile and easy to install event tent will certainly prove useful during various types of outdoor activities taking place under cover. Portable event tents not only protect against adverse weather conditions during outdoor events, but are also unique facilities providing additional aesthetic value thanks to their unique construction.

Party tents

Krosagro mobile event tents can fulfill many functions, depending on the circumstances. These constructions can be used as commercial displays for all kinds of trade fairs, as exhibition areas or promotional stands. They can also work as mobile showrooms.

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Event tent – construction

The feature that distinguishes Krosagro party tents is their mobility. With a light, but extremely stable construction. You are allowed to move the tent from one place to another, whenever you need it.  Portable event tents are also easy to assemble, so installing such a structure does not take long.

Krosagro tents can be used as:


  • mobile commercial stands
  • exhibition stands
  • promotional stands
  • shelter for outdoor events
  • catering stands
  • garden gazebos

Construction of outdoor tents

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Hot dip galvanized elements

Our steel event tents are made of hot-dip galvanized pipes. A galvanized or hot-dip galvanized steel element is protected. Against corrosion and offers the guarantee that the tent will be operational for a long time.

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Durable tarpaulin

The cover for these tents is a waterproof, flame-retardant and waterproof PVC tarpaulin, which fully protects people and equipment inside the facility.

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Steel event tents

The steel pipes used for these Krosagro event tents provide adequate  stability and strength for the structure.


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