Tents and Storage Halls


Tents and storage halls are an increasingly popular type of construction. The times of hard buildings dominating the market has disappeared forever. Modular structures are an alternative to permanent buildings. The development of transport and the reduction of delivery times mean contractors have to avail of spacious and functional structures without delay. Solutions for small and large companies now lie in pipe and steel constructions.

Commercial Tunnels, Halls and Storage Tents

The solid structure is protected against corrosion by hot-dip galvanizing. Increased resistance allows long-term operation of the facility. The compatible segments, developed by Krosagro, manufacturer of mobile warehouses, enable to shape the structure according to the owner’s needs. The contractor can expand the storage space at any time by extending or multiplying it in series.

Hale, namioty i tunele do magazynowania dla firm do przechowywania towarów pod osłonami

Economical mobile storage

Portable warehouses have convinced investors not only by their performance and solidity, but also by a low purchase price. Our own production line, experience and proven manufacturing methods contribute to the design of strong and economical structures. The storage tent is often used as:

• warehouses for construction materials
• bulk material warehouses
• storage of machinery and equipment in winter
• shelters for prefabricated
• storage of goods
• shelter for heavy equipment


Functional structures for all seasons


Cost and implementation of an industrial tent

Once the type of construction has been chosen, contractors only needs to submit a quote request via the Contact page. We advise the customer to assess his needs regarding the structure: approximate dimensions, height, additional equipment, size and type of doors.

Magazynowanie 3

Safely store products in winter

The elements of the structure, assembled by means of supports, anchors, connections, clips stabilize the construction. This allows it to withstand extreme weather conditions and to be installed on any site.

Magazynowanie 4

Konstrukcja z rur i profili

Połączone ze sobą części struktury za pomocą wsporników, kotew, złączek, obejm i kształtek stabilizują obiekt, który wytrzymuje nawet ekstremalne warunki atmosferyczne oraz nadaje się do ulokowania w każdym miejscu


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