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Polytunnels, storage and garage tents for agriculture

Krosagro provides a number of structures dedicated to different markets, including agriculture. This industry, because of its particular requirements, needs goods that can be easily transformed to fulfill other functions. The whole process has to be implemented smoothly, without taking too much time. These constructions are commercial structures with pipes and steel profiles.

Storage and garage tents for agriculture

Many years of experience on the market and a close cooperation with the agricultural industry, in Europe and other continents, have lead to the design of optimal structures. Which can be adapted to each location and are an advantageous alternative to permanent buildings.

Tunnel Growing Rooms

✅ Commercial agricultural constructions

The advantage of modular installations is that their production and construction time is much shorter than that of brick structures. Halls and custom tunnels are compatible elements that are made of segments. Thanks to such solutions, assembly of large constructions is achieved quickly. In addition, users can enlarge the installation at any time. In the manufacturer’s stock of tunnels and halls, additional elements and accessories are available. They enable you to customize the structure according to your needs.

✅ Galvanized steel elements

Pipes and profiles forming the frame are hot-dip galvanized at production stage . Such a layer protects the components from corrosion, providing the owner with durability and longevity for long-term operation.

Pipes and profiles forming the frame
Storage tents

✅  Custom tunnels and halls

Many polytunnels, storage and garage tents are produced at the request of users. From the very beginning, customer service initiates the process, advising investors on technical solutions, providing the best option in relation with the client’s business activity. If you want to find out about the price and production term, just use one of the contact form required.


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