How To Keep Your Greenhouse Warm At Night

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Are you wondering how to keep your greenhouse warm at night? Don’t be. The process is very simple. You need to consider a few things, including ventilation, insulation, heating, and a lot more.

Indeed, the temperature at night is cooler compared to the day. That’s why there’s a need for you to keep your greenhouse warm. Your plants might not survive the cold nights if you let it be.

Let’s delve deeper into the ways on how to keep your greenhouse warm at night!


Ways In Keeping Greenhouse Warm

You can’t see the sun at night, and the only source of heat is the earth itself. If the heat is radiated from the ground, it tends to cool down. Some plants may not withstand the temperature at night, so you have to know the ways on how to keep your greenhouse warm at night:


#1 Utilize a heater

Indeed, there are various ways on how to keep your greenhouse warm at night. But then, it’s a good idea to use a heater. You really don’t need to purchase a big one. Perhaps, one with a compact size will do.

For sure, adding a heater in your greenhouse can give your plants enough warmth, especially during the night when it’s cold. Although you can opt for the natural way, this method aids in controlling the heat it can produce.

Yes, you may think about the production of carbon dioxide if a heater is used. Don’t worry because the plants found in your greenhouse are responsible for converting these gasses into oxygen.


#2 Make use of ventilation

It’s fundamental- carbon dioxide is transformed into oxygen by plants. During this process, they produce compounds that are rich in moisture. If this happens, then the environment may become too humid, promoting bacteria and molds’ growth.

When this happens, then your plants will most likely dry. Humid conditions also aggravate the presence of undesirable pests. You don’t want that to happen, for sure.

So, it’s right for you to understand how crucial ventilation is in your greenhouse. Of course, it’s one of the best ways on how to keep your greenhouse warm at night.


#3 Obtain heat circulators

Heaters may not be sufficient in keeping your greenhouse warm, significantly when the temperature is extremely decreasing. That means that you need to use another device that can make the greenhouse warm evenly.

Make sure that the temperature inside the room is accurate and even. And in order to avoid inaccurate measurements of temperature, you need to use circulator fans or heat circulators. With these devices, you’re sure that air will be adequately mixed, promoting an even temperature in all room sides.


#4 Add insulation

There are various ways on how to insulate your greenhouse. Also, you can use different materials like blinds and thermal screens. But the standard and cheapest option is using bubble wraps.

These insulators are a perfect addition to the layer of your greenhouse. Attaching this thing in its exterior wall is very easy (though you can call an expert if you don’t know how). Not only does it reduces heat loss, but it also acts as a barrier to block winter drafts.

Yes, you can use those bubble wraps that you employ for covering fragile packages. But then, if you have a chance to obtain one that is specially made for horticultural purposes, the better. Why so? These bubble wraps are made with bigger bubbles, which are more helpful in keeping the greenhouse warm.


#5 Employ compost

If you find the ways above-mentioned to keep your greenhouse warm at night quite expensive, you have a more practical option. Using compost can help in improving your plant’s height, thanks to the heat it can produce.

Do you know that composting used to be not that easy? As they say, it should be done with science and art in mind. Due to advancements, home gardeners make this process simple.

You can utilize compost bins whenever you need to warm a certain area. Or maybe, trench composting can be implemented.

Anyway, if you’re wondering how compost can warm your greenhouse, the answer is straightforward. Just say thanks to the organic materials a compost is made of. With these, large amounts of heat are generated.

Given all this information, you now have an affordable way on how to keep your greenhouse warm at night.


#6 Use a thermal mass

Another process that can be done with ease and affordability is by using a thermal mass. During the daytime, the thermal mass is responsible for absorbing heat and releasing it during cold nights.

The term used sounds like a complicated process, but all you have to do is place a container inside the greenhouse and fill it with water. To maximize the absorption of heat, you can paint the container with black. You can further absorb heat if you use black food color to the water.



A greenhouse serves as your plant’s protection. Even if they’re already inside, it’s inevitable for them to get cold. If they can’t withstand colder temperatures, they will less likely to survive. That being said, it’s an excellent idea that you decided to learn how to keep your greenhouse warm at night. Good luck!

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