Garage and storage tents

Garage and storage tents 1

Garage and storage tents are becoming the obvious choice as constructions for the storage of machines, vehicles and equipment. Modular as well as mobile structures, they offer a wide range of possibilities for an attractive price. Krosagro provides structures for private users, as well as companies. For a number of years, these types of tents are showing their efficiency, becoming an alternative to expensive, hard-to-build permanent buildings. However, in order for tents to be used on the long term, they must be properly maintained. This time, in this Krosagro guide, we will talk about how to retain storage tents’ properties for as long as possible.

Why care for garage and storage tents?

Throughout the year, various atmospheric factors interact with modular steel structures. In order for a structure to safely operate, it is necessary to check it from time to time. In the event of any visible alteration, try to restore its reliability. This will ensure that the stored machines and equipment are safe under cover. In addition, if the portable tent is in a noticeable place, it is worth keeping its neat appearance.

Anchoring a garage tent

Any type of construction, no matter what it is made of, needs a ground fixing system. This helps stabilize the structure and increase its resistance to wind, rain, snow, etc. By default, tents are fixed with pegs, thanks to perforations in the tarpaulin. Some users opt to hold the storage tent in concrete, others use anchors and clamps or add paving stones. In addition comes the weight of the structure – a massive steel structure weighing on the frame.

Assembling the structure

Small and large garage and storage tents are assembled in a similar way. The difference in the case of commercial structures is that these sizes need a mini crane due to their size. The whole process is very simple and runs smoothly. It is a cost-effective solution that reduces spending. The money saved can be spent on structure improvements.

Tent with tarpaulin

Tarpaulin, which is applied onto garage and storage tents, covers equipment and machines. When deciding on a cover, make sure that it is adapted to an all year round use. Rain, snow, ice and wind are some of the factors that will test it. In order to withstand difficult conditions, the PVC film must be tightly stretched. For this purpose, mounting straps are used. They are located on the outer side of the cover, linking with the frame elements and creating a hermetic cover. Every now and then, it is worth checking if the straps got loose and if so, they should be tightened. It is also recommended to clean the tarpaulin from time to time so that mold does not develop. For such a task, a pressure washer can be used.

Atmospheric conditions and mobile tents

Mobile tents were created as a year-round facility. Sometimes, however, there are situations when the weather gets extreme. Knowing that such conditions may occur, it is worth getting ready for it in advance. In the case of strong winds, anchor it to the ground or into concrete. If extremely bad weather is on the way, if possible, remove the tarpaulin from the frame. The galvanized frame is resistant to moisture, meaning it will remain operational for a number of years.

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Garage and storage tents

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Garage and storage tents are becoming the obvious choice as constructions for the storage of machines, vehicles and equipment. Modular…

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