Industrial storage halls

Industrial storage halls

European consumers, farmers, producers and entrepreneurs are constantly looking for an economical solution. For storage and parking: a spacious , durable and functional structure all year long. Although the criteria are demanding, there are facilities that compile all the features listed. We refer here to modular constructions made of steel pipes and profiles. Such as storage halls, garage tents, storage tunnels and agricultural tunnels.

The cover is a synthetic material, usually a thick tarpaulin, resistant to fire and effective against meteorological factors. These structures are on a par with brick or sheet metal buildings. Compared to these, they perform properly, because even in extreme sunny conditions, they do not overheat as intensely.

The universality of this type of structure makes it possible to adapt them to fulfill different roles in the long term.

The benefits of garages and storage tents

At the very beginning, it is important to highlight what differentiates them. Garage tents are small constructions made from tubes and steel profiles. Which you can store your car, motorcycle, gardening equipment and a number of other accessories. Their location is usually close to a home, a summer house or a garden.

In contrast, storage halls are imposing structures that are often used to replace expensive buildings. In many companies, they support business, acting as warehousesshelters for machinery, sorting and stocking materials. Sometimes it becomes a commercial space, where customers move freely between shelves full of products for sale.

In both types of construction, both small and large tents, the frame has been designed to work during all seasons. The structure of arches, profiles and tubes allows the installation of accessories and additional equipment. Such as lighting, automatic ventilation, sliding door systems, etc. All elements of the structure are galvanized or hot dip galvanized. Small items are available for sale directly from the Krosagro manufacturer or distributors.

Express assembly

Tunnels, tents and storage halls are modular structures. They are designed with the possibility of being extended and enlarged at will. Investor can therefore expand the space needed to run a business, and garage tent owners can increase the area to store more equipment accumulated over time. The simple design means that in both cases, no qualified installer is required for assembly. Technical documentation provided by the manufacturer is clear enough for everything to be straightforward. Depending on the number of elements and the size of the structure, the assembly will take from several hours to several days.

Hall prices

In addition to the benefits already mentioned, the price remains paramount. Growing businesses need to accurately recalculate the costs associated with day-to-day operations. When planning expenses, operating costs must also be taken into account. The larger the structure, the greater the final expense. The price of a structure based on steel tubes and profiles is only a small fraction of what a brick warehouse or sheet metal hall would cost.

Building permit

Erecting a garage tent does not require a building permit, although it is necessary to report the installation of such a construction. Usually, this does not generate any major problem. Sometimes administrative services ask for a confirmation, but after presenting the project, all doubts disappear. Things are different with a storage hall, even if it’s a temporary building. To learn more about the whole process, we encourage you to check with the administration concerned. Sometimes the interpretation of the regulations is different depending on the location.

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