How to Clean A Greenhouse


Have you ever thought about the steps on how to clean a greenhouse? This may sound very common and easy, but trust me, it’s quite challenging than you think. Cleaning your greenhouse needs various considerations- plants, pots and accessories, soils, irrigations, etc.

In this article, you will understand how to clean a greenhouse; whether it is made from plastic, polycarbonate, or glass, we’re sure that you’ll find it useful. Well, maintaining your greenhouse can help the plants inside to thrive and grow.

So, without further ado, let’s learn the tips on how to clean a greenhouse.


Steps In Cleaning A Greenhouse

Indeed, if you have a greenhouse, you can keep plants safe, especially from harsh conditions. But then, you have to maintain its cleanliness: not all detrimental to plants is caused by the external environment. The same is right at home, a greenhouse should be cleaned, and the steps are the following:


#1 Check all the plants

The first step on how to clean a greenhouse is to check all the plants. Perhaps, the best time to do this process is when the weather is favorable. Empty the greenhouse; not even weeds should be left therein.

If there are already existing pests and diseases, make sure to get rid of them into compost. Don’t just place it anywhere; see to it that it’s away from plants, especially sensitive ones.

Also, it’s time for you to inspect if there are whiteflies, mealybugs, scales, or spider mites in your tropical or citrus plants. If there are, make use of safe and effective management methods and quarantine until you resolve the problem.

Don’t worry; there are natural ways on how to control them. It’s best to learn about it.


#2 Wash the pots and accessories

In this process, you have to clean all pots and accessories. If you have trays and equipment, it’s also a good idea to wash them thoroughly. You can use soapy water to ensure that everything is clean. Also, a bleach solution can be added to add disinfect further.

If you’re using disposable pots and seed trays, replace them. Depending upon the case, you can recycle them. Anyway, if you decide to get rid of these accessories, you should make sure to move them far from the area.


#3 Replace soils

Do you know that the steps on how to clean a greenhouse also involve replacing old soils? Why so? It’s because they may contain pathogens like fusarium, grubs, Pythium, Rhizoctonia, root aphids, and so much more.

These pathogens are detrimental to your plants, so you have to remove them from beds and pots. Anyway, there’s no need for you to throw old soils away. You can let them compost for some time, maybe a year, in order for them to rejuvenate.

After replacing, you have to obtain a clean soil- one that is free from diseases. If it’s not available in your backyard, you can always purchase from a reputable store.


#4 Disinfecting irrigation

Through time, holding tanks and irrigation lines may develop algae build-up. Much worse, they contain numerous gnats, which are very dangerous to small roots. In order to disinfect the irrigation system, you can use an oxygen bleach together with hot water and soap.


#5 Check the structure

The structure of the greenhouse is a safe haven for pests. Perhaps, the worst type of structure is wood. It’s more prone to thrips, spider mites, whiteflies, aphids, and so much more. Although metal doesn’t readily crack, it can still develop bacteria and viruses, so it needs to be disinfected.


 #6 Ongoing cleaning

You may think that the steps on how to clean a greenhouse are finished. It’s not yet over for your information! Cleaning and maintenance are a continuous process. That means that throughout the growing season, you have to be cautious about various circumstances.

Remember that in order to minimize the transfer of diseases from one plant to another, it’s best to avoid intercropping or overlapping. Usually, weeds and volunteer plants cause this kind of problem, so you should deal with them as soon as possible.

If a particular plant has a disease, then you should segregate it from the growing area. Doing so can prevent the spread of diseases. It will also make cleaning straightforward.

Also, it’s worth noting that pests and diseases don’t just stick to plants. They can be contaminated or transferred from place to place through your clothing, pants, or shoes. So, it’s best to be careful to avoid recontamination.

Most importantly, if you’ve visited areas you know would be a threat to the plants, better not visit the greenhouse. Make sure to practice proper hygiene before doing so.


Final Words

Cleanliness is very vital- it’s fundamental. Just like how you take care of your body, you should also make sure that you regularly maintain your greenhouse. If you place more effort into such matters, you will less likely suffer from detrimental consequences.

Now, you’ve already known the steps on how to clean a greenhouse. There’s no excuse for you not to follow these. So, take your time and enjoy it. You’ll surely reap the utmost benefits after applying this.

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