How Do I Best Use My Mini Greenhouse In A Cold Climate

How Do I Best Use My Mini Greenhouse In A Cold Climate

Welcome to another article entitled, “how do I best use my mini greenhouse in a cold climate.” There are lots to mention, including winter gardening, keeping tropical alive, supporting wildlife, and more.

For the gardening enthusiast out there, let’s see what the weather’s like today. According to the metro weather data, today’s forecast is what we call “I can’t feel my face” degrees! Feels cold, right?

Are you worried that the cold climate will damage your tender plants? Are you having a hard time thinking about how you should use your mini greenhouse in cold weather?

Worry not because here are the tips on how you should utilize your greenhouses during winter!


How Do Greenhouses Protect Plants From Cold Weather? 

As a garden enthusiast, one must first know the conditions that affect the plants and how it affects them. What is the purpose of a greenhouse anyway? How does a greenhouse protect the plants?

As we all know, greenhouses shield crops from excessive cold or heat and even unwanted pests. So how does a greenhouse protect the plants from cold weather? A greenhouse traps heat from the sun during the day, which keeps the plants inside warm at night.


How Does Cold Weather Affect The Plant?

All conditions that are experienced by the plants contribute to their health and hardiness. For example, an inadequate amount of water may cause the plant’s wilting and death.

Similarly, weather conditions can detriment the plant’s growth and damage its vitality. So how does this happen? The cold weather freezes the plant’s cells, which contributes to damage, and interrupts the pathway for nutrients and water flow.

In addition to this, a complex permanent tissue specialized for transporting water and minerals called the xylem is greatly affected. Other parts, such as cambium and phloem, are less likely affected.

Desiccation, heavy-snow breakage, salt damage, and sunscald are plant injuries related to the cold weather. Not to mention, it might contribute to the death of tissues and stems.


How Do I Heat My Greenhouse In Cold Weather?

We need to understand how we can condition our greenhouse to the best use. And this should be done prior to planning how we could put our greenhouse to great use. Yes, you read that right, we need to know first how to heat our greenhouse in cold weather.

Maintaining the greenhouse temperature may be the biggest challenge, especially when autumn bids it farewell, and winter starts to come. So how do I heat my greenhouse in cold weather? Here are ways to keep a greenhouse warm:

  • Insulate with bubble wrap
  • Use heaters
  • Use a thermostat
  • Circulate air
  • Ventilate your greenhouse
  • Raise plants off the cold ground


What Are The Different Greenhouse Uses in Winter?

How do I best use my mini greenhouse in a cold climate? Well, there are various greenhouse uses in winter.

Greenhouses serve as an artificial climate for gardening. Aside from this, extending growing seasons, planting year-round, using grow lights for harvestable gardens, and creating indoor gardens are some of a greenhouse.

And when are these options possible? Of course, during the winter season.


#1 Winter gardening

If you have a winter garden, then the cold won’t stop your vegetables and fruits to grow and bloom. Also, you’re sure that everything you harvest is fresh. Consider providing artificial lights as the sunlight wavelengths and shorter winter days contribute to plant growth as temperatures do.  


#2 Keeping tropical alive

Do you love your tropical plants but hate how they become lifeless and dull during the winter? Do you that you can still enjoy them as they are supposed to be? How?

Utilization of your greenhouse is the right solution for that. Tropical plants cycle through seasonal light; however, plants drastic fluctuations in temperatures can damage the plant. Consider using a grow light to force blooms as well.


#3 Supporting wildlife

Have you ever heard of butterfly gardens? Do you know that you can incorporate this into your greenhouse? Butterflies, as well as birds, can be cultivated within greenhouses without even exerting many efforts.

Greenhouses can provide a natural and cage-free environment for the birds, and it is very spacious too. To complete the habitat, a touch of small ponds or fountains is all you need. Just don’t forget to use cascading chains for doors or other means to secure wildlife within the greenhouse.


#4 Creating hot tub oasis

Yes, you read that right. Do you know that hot tubs are prominent additions to your mini greenhouse? Why, you ask? Because they help optimize humidity, allowing you to indulge in the result of year-round greenery.


#5 Design a place to gather

Do you want to celebrate winter events with your favorite people? Do you have a place in mind? If none, why not try considering using your greenhouse? Put in some garden lighting. Add seating areas and decorative touches. Olaf says, “There are people worth melting for.” Use your greenhouse to gather them together.


#6 A place to plant, plant, and plant

If winter dares to turn into spring, who says flowers can’t bloom just the same? Of course, this article wouldn’t be complete without suggesting what plants to grow during winter. Here is a list of plants you can grow in an unheated greenhouse through this cold season:

  • Winter Lettuce
  • Potatoes
  • Spinach
  • Kale
  • Cabbage
  • Onions
  • Shallots
  • Peas
  • Broad beans
  • Garlic
  • Spinach



Winter is often associated with sadness and death. But do you know that winter is more than just that empty feeling you feel?

Winter is also the time for comfort, for good food and warmth, for a talk beside a fire, and of course, and most of all, it is the time allotted to putting your greenhouse into use.

By following this guide about how do I best use my mini greenhouse in a cold climate, you will make the best use of your greenhouse even in the coldest conditions.

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