Structures made from steel pipes and profiles, consisting of compatible segments forming halls, tents and polytunnels. The modular expansion system developed by Krosagro makes the structures easy and quick to assemble. They can be extended in length or width. This universal application allows you to adapt them as a garage, storage and for all industries and businesses.

Halls, greenhouses and storage tents are an alternative to brick buildings and sheet metal structures. Made to order, their features can suit any company’s profile. The turnkey constructions are protected by hot-dip galvanizing, which increases their resistance to corrosion, guaranteeing long-term use of the installation.



Tunnels and Farm Halls

Professional greenhouses are used by growers for crops under cover. Thanks to the foil applied onto the frame, a microclimate favorable to plant growth is obtained in the tunnel. This extends the possible cultivation time by 60 days. On the other hand, halls used in agriculture are often warehouses for agricultural productslivestock buildingsgarages for machines, etc.

Konstrukcje do upraw przemysłowych
Komercyjne uprawy pod osłonami wewnątrz szklarni foliowych z rur i profili

Industrial halls and tents

Mobile warehouses, with a construction based on steel pipes and profiles, are more and more popular with contractors. They are slowly replacing basic brick buildings. The advantage of these tents lies in their design. An entrepreneur investing in such a construction then avails of a fully adaptable facility with an optimal working space and able to fit in many industries and businesses.

Tents and storage halls

Storage space is one of the essential assets of any company. A new or growing business requires more work space and storage. By opting for a commercial modular construction, the customer owns a sheltered area. Thanks to the modifying possibility , this can be lengthened and multiplied in series, when the entrepreneur needs it. The tent can somehow grow at the same pace as the company.

Profesjonalne namioty magazynowe dla przemysłu i produkcji
Hale i namioty garażowe to modułowe konstrukcje stalowe dla przedsiębiorstw

Halls and garage tents

A contractor with a large fleet of machinery, as well as transport and logistics companies store vehicles under cover. That way, they secure the assets of the company without the risk of damaging them. Prolonged exposure to atmospheric phenomena would lead to defects and malfunctions, even irreparable damage, in the medium term. Garage tents play a role of refuge in which property is protected from the elements.

Custom structures – hall, tent and polytunnel

Years of experience in the steel market and an individual approach to each order have enabled Krosagro to gain experience in the realization of special orders. Halls, tunnels and turnkey tents are highly personalized goods designed according to the customer’s instructions and requirements. The constructions are made of high-quality steel and certified materials which, combined with each other in a modular installation, create a solid structure adapted to the needs of the most demanding customers.

gotyckie oraz łukowe struktury realizowane na zamówienie pod klucz


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