Furniture for polytunnels

Furniture for polytunnels

Furniture in a polytunnel is a main feature for a garden arrangement. Vegetables are not the only ones to be grown in the tunnel. Flowers and aromatic herbs will often be found under cover. A greenhouse can also be used as a resting place rather than a plant production site. In such a construction, design will be more important than gardening aspects. This environment will be the place for short walks, during free time, looking for a quiet place to enjoy a cool drink with a book in hand.

Tunnel and garden furniture

It should not be difficult to arrange such a space in a greenhouse. Instead of growing plants, you can install flowerbeds in which multi-colored plants will grow. To facilitate their maintenance, it will be wise to place them in raised beds. These structures filled with substrate enable easier access and care. With regard to species and varieties, those offering aesthetic as well as little attention should be selected.

Ventilation of the garden greenhouse

In order to eliminate hot air in the steel structure, side ventilation is usually required. These openings on both lengths offer a beneficial air flow. With standard culture under cover, they are used to eliminate excess heat and moisture towards the outside of the installation. A rest area, under this facility turned into a tent, will also require a ventilation method to avoid intensive heat inside. In addition to the foil, an insect net, limiting the intrusion of pests into the greenhouse, constitutes a significant advantage. Mosquitoes can seriously disturb relaxation in the garden. All you need then is to take refuge inside the tunnel to enjoy peace and quiet.

Furniture under cover

Aromas of flowers and condiments, protection against mosquitoes, transparent plastic cover to enjoy the view will facilitate leisure time. One will always need a comfortable bench to complete the set up. There is a wide range of products on the market that differ in form, performance and price. If more than one bench is needed inside, it is good to keep a similar style, while matching the other smaller pieces of furniture. This complementary design will become even more expressive. In practical terms, color of the bench, its material and its protection against corrosion should be taken into account.

Design of benches for sheltered garden

Steel is a durable material that guarantees a long service life, but it is necessary to protect elements against corrosion. Watering plants, temperature and weather changes imply the almost constant presence of humidity. A zinc layer covering the structure protects steel elements from corrosion, thus preserving their appearance and properties for many seasons. Although wood looks great, it is sometimes better to opt for a PVC composite imitating a natural material. Wood progressively deteriorates with moisture and pathogens infecting plants can quickly develop in weak spots. Of course, this can be avoided by systematically treating wooden components.

Other use of polytunnels

Cultivation tunnels are hot-dip galvanized steel constructions. They are available with a modular expansion system, thanks to which they can be modified. If, eventually, you need to expand the greenhouse, you only need to buy additional parts, combine them with the existing structure and develop a new space. Greenhouses are not just gardening structures. They can also serve as event tents, warehouse and even garage. Price and universality of these structures make polytunnels ever more popular.

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