Ventilation in a polytunnel

Methods to ventilate a greenhouse

This year’s summer is a combination of warm and rainy days, affecting the conditions prevailing under cover. There are many dynamic processes in the greenhouse, which the gardener is responsible for. When deciding on a foil tunnel, the grower should choose a model offering him the possibility to control the microclimate. A small greenhouse quickly overheats and or holds too much moisture, increasing the chance of disease and pests , also affecting yields. Weak plants grow more slowly and bear less fruit. To avoid this situation, you would rather choose a garden greenhouse with ventilation.

Ventilation in a foil tunnel can take several possible forms, it all depends on the manufacturer and the given construction. Of course, some of them are more or less effective. This time, in the Krosagro guide. We will talk about why ventilating is so important and we will present the correct ventilation systems.

Ventilation in a foil tunnel

Optimal ventilation is crucial for growers, it plays a significant role especially in the cultivation of soft fruits. The effective air circulation supports crop growth and enables to shape the conditions under cover to requirements. Many mold and fungal diseases result from improper ventilation, which is why proper air flow is so important. On a hot and sunny day, when the temperature inside the greenhouse rises excessively, it becomes necessary to raise the openings to avoid overheating. In that case, the exchange of hot for cooler air leads to normalization of the climate in the tunnel. The multi-vegetation tunnel has foil vents mounted on both walls. Behind them, there is an insect net, limiting access of pests inside.

Methods to ventilate a greenhouse

To find the best solution, you need to consider several possible options for ventilation.

  • door – this is probably the most frequently used form of airing. It is not very effective in the case of one door and the system is largely improved with a door on each side. However, the whole process takes too long. The location of the tunnel might influence the efficiency of air circulation , like on a windless day. In addition, by opening the door, pests can easily get in and feed on crops.
  • Integrated foil window – this is probably the worst possible way. Small windows only contribute to more warm air and moisture under the tunnel. The cold air, on the other hand, heats up, increasing moisture under cover and in the soil. A lower temperature is maintained only in the ground, however the water condensed on the film drips into the soil. Where concentration of humidity increases even more. With many designs of this type, the insect netting is not very effective, and small openings, although limiting the invasion of pests, also prevents the air flow.
  • Double side ventilation – a foil tunnel with ventilation on both walls gives good results in a short time. Air circulation begins when the curtains are raised, the warm and humid air is replaced by a cooler one. Which dries the foil on the inside. The flow of air goes through the entire tunnel, reaching each plant. So the state of the crop is improved, as well as the structure. The air is in a constant flow, such rotation limits the accumulation of heat at the top of the facility.

How to ventilate a foil tunnel?

The best option is the one used in commercial plant production (roof and side), but its price is usually an obstacle. For garden cultivation, on a plot, a foil tunnel is enough to cope with hot days or prolonged rainy periods.

For small constructions, a pair of doors will work fine with regular weather, but will show its limitations during hot spells. Saving money on a second door or on ventilation will certainly lead to many unpleasant situations. The emergence of diseases or wilting of plants are the first visible effects. The worst possible scenario is the loss of all crops.

Air-conditioning systems

When cultivating in a distant location, a foil tunnel with ventilation will contribute to avoid overheating and moisture. Just raise the openings and leave them open. Often , a lack of time makes it impossible for you to check the garden. To improve your chances of success, care should be taken to ensure proper and safe air circulation. Safe, because it should be remembered that an open greenhouse door is an invitation for pests. Who can find in the greenhouse the ideal environment for development and foraging. Although the multi-vegetation tunnel with side airing is slightly. More expensive than the standard one, the system will make a difference on the growth process of plants, guaranteeing a plentiful yield.

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