Agricultural twine for polytunnel

Agricultural twine for polytunnel

Agricultural twine for polytunnel is an essential component of any professional and garden greenhouse. A wide range of applications makes it indispensable. This accessory is used under cover to guide and support plant growth. It is also used to close bags, on bales, etc. There is a whole range of products on the market, but some stand out with their strength and durability. Those indicating a low price usually cause more complications than benefits for the gardener. What is a good agricultural rope? This Krosagro article will help you to make a choice.

Agricultural twine for polytunnel

It is easy to get overwhelmed by the available offer. When specific use is required, it is necessary to consider both reputation of manufacturers, as well as opinion of buyers. High quality polypropylene cords are a guarantee of a reliable product. Such a material must be resistant to degradation and mold, resulting from exposure to atmospheric phenomena. One will also have to take into account tensile strength, essential in case of wind pressure and snow load. In addition, chemicals used for cultivation should not have any impact on strings. Exposing ropes to the sun must not lead to deterioration or breakage, in order to keep packed material or closed bags intact. Finally, it is important for a rope to be environmentally friendly, allowing recycling after use.

Cord for tunnel cultivation

As far as cultivation in professional polytunnels is concerned, strings can be renewed several times during a season. The larger the installation, the greater the length required for production. Expenses for this equipment are substantial for a full year in a large greenhouse. Depending on the model, ropes constitute a reinforcement for covers, associated with insect nets, keeping plastic foil well stretched. They are fixed to the ground as an additional stabilizing element for seasonal greenhouses during the winter. Strings for crops and climbing plants, cords with counterweights on fruit trees and shrubs are a common sight regarding under cover farming. Installation a foil cover provides more heat, protects plants from external hazards, prevents birds from feeding on crops and limits access for pests. All this is possible with the added benefit of agricultural ropes.

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