Small polytunnel for the garden

Small polytunnel for the garden

As a permanent feature of the plot, a small polytunnel has to integrate nicely into the garden . Inside the structure, vegetables, fruits and herbs will grow, filling the space in the greenhouse. Their harmonious development is due to a favorable microclimate, protection from the cold wind and low temperatures. Therefore plants can focus on developing green mass instead of fighting against the weather.

Their growth also begins much earlier and lasts much longer than in traditional open field cultivation. This guarantees fully mature crops, regardless of the conditions prevailing outside. Even in a small garden, this construction will prove useful. The available products and options will allow anyone to find a greenhouse adapted to their needs, shape and size of plot. And there are so many benefits from such a cultivation process.

A small polytunnel for the garden

A galvanized foil tunnel is a modular construction that consists of corrosion-protected steel elements composing segments. This translates into easy and express assembly, with the possibility of modifying the tunnel at a later stage. The tunnel can be enlarged. But as it may also happen, a smaller facility might be needed at a particular moment. It can thus be partly dismantled. The stored elements do not lose any of their property. In a small garden, where every inch of land is important, this option offers many possibilities. Even uneven plots with limited spaces can be suitable to grow under cover.

A plot and a greenhouse

Now, how do you choose a polytunnel? In the Krostrade online store, there is a large choice of constructions. At first glance, their sizes, additional accessories, as well as the type of film can be assessed. By reading about their specification, you can find out which pipe diameters are used and how they are protected against corrosion. It may be a zinc layer applied by galvanization or by hot dip galvanization. They are all made of high quality steel. Although greenhouses of this type are not the cheapest, the prime advantage of such structures is their strength. Such frames with foil are able to withstand snow loads, heavy snowfalls, rain, and gusty winds. Many customers have already experienced tunnels made of aluminum or PVC which have been damaged by weather conditions. Durability of steel structures constitutes the first reason to choose this type of construction.

Purchase of a polytunnel for a small garden

Before purchasing a greenhouse, it’s worth considering what size will be best suited. Location of the greenhouse is the next thing that influences the entire growth process . It is essential to place it in a sunny area for as long as possible. Plants will then get the right amount of light, and air and soil inside will warm up . If in doubt whether a tunnel will fit on a plot or if a given place is optimal, it is worth preparing the site with the dimensions of the structure. Importantly, make sure not to install it too close to a fence, trees or shrubs with big roots.

A small garden with a small greenhouse

Once location and greenhouse are set, it’s time to plant. Having a limited space, fill the foil tunnel as effectively as possible, with crops taking up little space, and – most importantly – with products that you enjoy eating. There is no point wasting space with vegetables, fruits or herbs that you don’t consume. Similarly, forget about annual plants or those that do not need a cover, as these will manage outside just fine. Focus on plants exposed to pest attacks, requiring a lot of heat, and a more specific microclimate that can only be achieved in a greenhouse, and not necessarily outdoor. With Krosagro steel structures and unlike PVC or aluminum tunnels, arches can be fitted with a shelf on which pots can rest. This constitutes an additional space for fruit & vegetables.

Field cultivation and under cover

In order to achieve the best results and satisfactory harvests of vegetables, fruits and herbs, it is good to combine small foil tunnel and open field cultivation. These two methods complement each other perfectly, leading to huge results. The greenhouse performs well with production of seedlings, seedling storage and development of early plants. On the other hand, outdoor cultivation frees up space under the tunnel. Such rotation can last for as long as good conditions for growth are available outside. When planning, you can easily set crop rotation, so there are no interruption and empty spots. This enables a regular supply of plants for a direct domestic consumption . By being producers of your own food, you can be sure that what you eat is healthy.

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