Greenhouse for large scale production

Professional polytunnel for commercial plant production

A professional polytunnel for commercial plant production should be tailored to the investor’s needs in every aspect. The way it was designed affects not only the cultivation success but the entire business as well. This is of great importance when managing a plantation. At a later stage, when the owner considers an extension of the structure.

Professional polytunnel for production of plants under cover

Every crop has its own requirements. Although growth processes are the same, cultivation methods can differ. While growers sometimes have to adapt to standard garden greenhouses, professional polytunnels made to order are designed to meet any growing demands. We will tell you below what to look out for when ready to invest.

Location of agricultural tunnels

Constructions made of pipes and profiles are made according to the customer’s guidelines. Various locations will require different parameters. In a windy area, a solid anchoring system will be necessary. In a place with recurrent snowfalls, the construction should feature reduced spacing between arches, in locations with frequent thunderstorms, trusses will prove useful, as additional support. For areas with persistent high temperatures, lateral and sometimes even roof ventilation will be essential. Krosagro’s customer service will work out a solution that will be optimally approved by the investor.

Foil cover for a greenhouse

The cover will depend on the plant species, and whether the crop is seasonal or perennial. There are many options available on the market according to plants, season and fitting method. They differ in strength and the resulting price. Thermal insulation properties of the membrane will be an important feature, in addition to durability. Many growers decide on polycarbonate, which is more durable than foil. By choosing this type of solution, one should be prepared for significant costs associated with this purchase, as well as subsequent maintenance duties.

Budget for a cultivation structure

The amount that growers are willing to spend on a professional foil tunnel for the production of plants remains the deciding factor. Some costs can not be avoided. The search for the cheapest option might lead to a low quality construction. It is worth checking, when ordering, whether the structure is modular. For the buyer, this means the ability to enlarge the structure at any time by adding additional segments. The optimal structure will quickly offer return on investment and will start to generate profits over time.

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