Firewood storage tent

Firewood storage tent

The garage tent is easily suited to many functions, like storage space for wood . Fireplace owners understand how important it is to properly store firewood. To preserve the energy and the quality of the combustion, it is necessary to protect the wood from bad weather.

In this guide, we will explain how to use a garage tent to store wood.

Stock location

A portable warehouse tent should be located in an easily accessible site so that you do not have to walk through mud or snow when replenishment is needed. With a chimney, generally reigns a pleasant atmosphere. The longer the path towards the wood, the less is the desire to leave the comfort of the house. A good solution is to prepare a paved path leading to the tent. The structure placed closer to the house will certainly facilitate the maintenance of fire without much trouble. Placing the pile of wood in a place where the sun is shining for much of the day will be well advised. Exposed in such a way, the tent will accumulate heat inside the structure, generating less moisture and helping to maintain the qualities of the fuel for much longer.

Protection of firewood against humidity

Even before storing wood, it is good to choose the right time to cut it. The fresh cut trunks can remain very wet. Therefore, if you start filling your shelter with too much stock, it may not be able to dry. Although many sellers have already dried the wood, it is advisable to proceed when it is still hot outside.

The tarpaulin on the storage tent acts as a blanket that protects the stored items from atmospheric phenomena. Fixed to the construction made of steel pipes and profiles, the material is fitted to the frame using straps. The cover, stretched over the structure without any damage, can withstand strong gusts of wind.

Air circulation for wood

To reduce moisture absorption from the wood, it is good to harden the floor surface inside the tent. The earth, not covered with insulating material, transmits moisture to the wood. To avoid this situation, you can cover with concrete, or lay slabs or blocks. The humidity will remain limited inside the tent. Drying wood and air in the tent also contributes to the circulation of the air, ensured by the door opening. If the garage tent is fitted with a second entrance, the airflow is even more efficient.

Universal storage tents

Portable tents are universal structures used as warehouses and garages. They can be easily adapted to store tools, machines, accessories, equipment, cars or motorcycles. Because of their multi functionality, they are well suited to private users, constitute an ideal offer for wholesalers and are often chosen by entrepreneurs. For a reasonable price, you get a solid structure, easy to assemble and disassemble, which can be used in the long run. Zinc coated steel protects the elements against corrosion. The hot-dip galvanizing method applies a protective layer to the pipes and profiles, preventing corrosion resulting from atmospheric phenomena.

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