Garage tent for bicycles

Garage tent for bicycles

A garage tent for bicycles is an option for any two-wheeled enthusiast, as more and more people opt for this mode of transportation. Rising fuel prices, as well as the increasingly visible degradation of the environment, are attracting more and more supporters of this type of vehicle. A good bike is a fairly big investment, so it’s worth taking care of it. By leaving it outside, costly problems may appear quickly. The shelter that protects the bike can be a garage tent. We will talk here about how to protect the bike from damages.

Protection against the elements

This is not new: a bike exposed to the weather will rust over time. Aluminum, generally used for bike frames, will not be subject to corrosion, but many other components are made of steel. Therefore, constantly exposing them to moisture can damage them. Storing a two wheel under a tarpaulin reduces the effects of adverse weather.

Tarpaulin for bikes

Keeping a bike at home can sometimes be a bit cumbersome, especially during wet seasons associated with mud. If possible, the vehicle should be placed in a separate structure. However, it is advisable to keep a relative order in the garage. In the case of several bikes, it will be better to integrate a bike rack to store them in line. Easy access will encourage the use of bicycles. The advantage of steel constructions made of pipes and profiles is that you can use additional accessories to hang your bikes.

Universal storage

A garage tent for bicycles is a steel structure that advantageously replaces standard storage solutions. It is also a better choice than solid buildings in many ways. Shelters covered with tarpaulin are more economical, their price is much lower than those made of wood or brick. It is also easier to modify them. Each structure is designed with a modular extension system. This means that these facilities can be enlarged at any time by the customer. The Krosagro warehouse is constantly stocked with structural elements and spare parts. Easy and efficient assembly and disassembly makes the tent mobile. It can be easily folded, transported to another site and installed.

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