Storage tent in winter

Storage tent in winter

The winter storage tent is used as a modular construction, designed to operate outdoors throughout the year. However harsh the winter is , it is too risky to leave equipment in the garden. Therefore, it becomes necessary to store mowers, rakes, toys, furniture, etc. under cover. A modular tent is a good solution for parking, without incurring high costs. However, in order for the goods stored in the warehouse to remain in good condition, you need to follow a few tips.

Car parking in winter

A car is usually one of the most expensive investment. Therefore, any four wheel owner wants his vehicle to last for as long as possible. How to prepare a car for winter in a garage? Remember to minimize exposure to atmospheric conditions. Rain, sun, snow, moisture, birds are just a few of the factors leading to body and part damages over time. Colour and varnish fading, formation of corrosion stains developing in places where there has been slight abrasions can occur. To limit of such damage, it is necessary to periodically service the car. Not when it starts to go wrong, but before it happens. The cover is also an important element of a safe storage in a garage tent.

Storage of goods, machines and tools during winter

The same tent that was used as a garage can also be used as a warehouse. The versatility of this type of structure makes it possible to change their function at any time. Another big advantage of the construction is that you can install them on any ground, paving, asphalt, etc. To stabilize the tent, anchors for soil or concrete are used, as well as pegs, connected through the mounting eyelets in the tarpaulin, securing the structure to the ground. If the surface is hard, screw hooks with eyelets are used, with a string stretched through the whole length of the structure. Thanks to those fixing systems, winter storage tents are a year-round facility.

Frame of mobile constructions for storage and garage

Krostrade online store is a dealer of warehouse and garage tents, manufactured by Krosagro, affiliated to Stal Impex. This guarantees high strength for each part and accessories used in the construction. The steel pipes and profiles making up the structure frame are hot dip galvanized or galvanized. This protects steel elements against corrosion, also slowing down the aging process of the material. They show high resistance for many seasons. Changing weather conditions, humidity, rain and constant contact with wet grounds will not affect the structure. Periodic maintenance will lead to high reliabilty, even during winter.

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