Hall tent on a construction site

Hall tent on a construction site

A hall tent for a construction site is one of the possible applications for these structures made of steel pipes and profiles. Large storage areas for materials, tools, machinery and vehicles where construction work is in progress are necessary to ensure smooth progress of the entire operation. For these goods not to get damaged by weather conditions, they must be stored in a mobile shelter. Under a steel frame covered with a PVC tarpaulin, they will be protected from wind and rain.

For contractors who run construction companies, modular buildings have considerable advantages over other structures. They are easy to modify, assemble and dismantle. Their price is several times lower than other installations.

Hall tent on a construction site

Moisture, sunlight, high temperatures, rain and strong gusty winds are all factors which can damage equipment. Machines must be kept safe during work. In case of bad weather, a covered building, in addition to the warehouse function, can serve as a shelter , until conditions improve. Machines require regular maintenance. A large tent converted into a workshop will allow you to allocate a site for these repairs.

Mobile storage structure

Construction work is usually carried out in several locations, often far from the company’s headquarters. Tents will then prove irreplaceable. Simple disassembly and assembly enable easy relocation of the structure from one place to another. In case of a pause between two projects, the facility can be dismounted and stored. It can then be re erected when required.

Turnkeyhall tent

Most of halls and tents are made to order, to meet entrepreneurs’ needs. Steel elements, hot-dip galvanized during production, guarantee long service life of such structures.

Constructions for storage

The number of possible configurations is vast. Tunnels with arches, gothic tents, frames with one or two slopes, sliding doors, swinging doors, with one or two parts, etc. As always, the budget is the only limit. However, it should be remembered that structures can also be altered after purchase. Over time, if a lack of space occurs, there is the possibility of adding one or more additional segments to extend the area.

PVC tarpaulin

The PVC cover applied onto the frame is stretched using special straps integrated into the tarpaulin. Thanks to this system, the membrane adheres to the structure and is able to withstand the most harmful atmospheric phenomena. Some users opt for an additional solution by securing the tent into the ground with anchors.

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