Garage tent for camper van

Garage tent for camper van

A garage tent for a camper van is one of the purchase that every caravanning fan should consider. Needless to say, buying a vehicle for camping is usually a costly investment. To keep the mini house on wheels in good condition, it should be properly stored. It will then keep its properties for years and remain reliable during the expedition.

Camper van – seasonal and off season protection

Every traveling enthusiast looks forward to his holidays. But before, it is worth getting the vehicle checked with a periodic inspection by a mechanic. When traveling with family and friends, taking care of their safety and your own at the same time is a priority. The number of potential faults can be reduced by properly preparing the vehicle for winter.

Parking a motorhome in a tent

The dimensions of vehicles vary radically. Most domestic garages do not meet the size requirements of these specific vans. Also, there are many differences between the machines themselves regarding height, width, as well as equipment. Therefore, when investing in such a garage tent, make sure the construction fits in terms of dimensions and meets all requirements. Will there be even room for a small workshop in addition to the car itself, for things to be stored under the tarpaulin, for additional items associated with traveling?

Construction of a garage tent

Each structure manufactured by Krosagro is made of steel pipes and profiles, which are connected to form a ready-made frame. Elements are secured with clamps and screws. The structure is fixed by means of tent spikes, which are fasten into the canvas thanks to mounting eyes in the tarpaulin, and then screwed into the ground. Every element has been galvanized at production stage. For the buyer, it means the structure will not corrode. Systematic maintenance of the tent will prevent the formation of any corrosive stains. The portable garage will keep its properties for years, effectively protecting the vehicle.

Portable garage with modular design

Krosagro garage tents have been designed with a modular building system. There is always the possibility of an inexpensive extension of the facility at any time for the owner. The kit of elements for extra segments can be bought and combined with the construction already in place. This enables expansion, if it turns out that there is not enough space left. It is a much cheaper solution than a brick building or one that is completely covered with metal sheets.

Mobile structures as garage

The advantage of modular designs is that constructions are very easy to assemble. Although this can be done by yourself, it is recommended to have a second person to help. The process will be even more efficient. If needed, the frame can be folded and then moved to another location.

Cover for garage construction

Garage tents for camper vans are fitted with a tarpaulin covering the frame, as well as the vehicle, against weather conditions. Machines placed under the cover will overheat because of the sun. In addition,it will protect the paint from fading. The structure will be constantly affected by wind with more or less intensity. Therefore, when choosing a cover, it is advisable to use solid materials that are designed for year-round storage. The best canvas are fireproof and resistant to UV radiation, which significantly increases their safety.

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