Polytunnels and garage tents

Polytunnels and garage tents

With several years on the steel construction market, Krosagro has been able to gain a lot of experience. Our system enables to adapt a fully functional structure to the needs of even the most demanding customer. Our offer includes garage, storage and event tents, hobby greenhouses, with side ventilation and other accessories. Gardeners, small businesses, owners of plots of land and green areas can benefit from our range. Professional polytunnels and tent halls are also part of the offer. Entrepreneurs investing in them can avail of large storage spaces at low cost.

What are polytunnels and garage tents?

Structures are made of steel elements joined together. Such an assembly process lead to a segment. At any time, customers can decide to expand their facility. Parts are constantly available in the manufacturer’s warehouses, and stocks are systematically replenished. Extensions are possible in width or length.

What are tent, tunnel and hall frames made of?

A frame is made of pipes and profiles, as well as steel fittings. Their specification, thickness and method of protection against corrosion differ depending on the model.

How durable is the foil for greenhouse?

With hobby constructions, the offer includes UV-2 and UV5 foil. The number indicates how many seasons it will last for according to the manufacturer’s specifications. A season is half a year, so the UV-2 foil is a one-year cover, while UV-5 represents a two and a half year protection. Such a cover can still perform even after this period. It depends on a lot of factors. To guarantee its longevity, it should be tightened systematically, and in the event of any damage, mended with repair tape. With large scale production polytunnels, more durable films are used, adapted for year-round cultivation.

Do tarpaulins on tents constitute an all year round protection?

These types of facilities are intended for year-round storage. Therefore, the cover is able to withstand snow loads and pressure from strong winds, which also allows you to operate them at any time of the year. The cover is connected to the frames with straps, which are clamped on the elements. These tightly adhere to cope with harsh weather conditions.

How to anchor a tunnel or tent into the ground?

Available options include two types of anchors. The first are inserted into the ground and then connected to other components of the structure. When dismantling the structure, they can be dug out and then relocated elsewhere. The second way is to place anchors in holes and then pour concrete onto them. This increases the stability of the structure, but turns the tent into a permanent building, as opposed to a temporary one in the previous example.

Are polytunnels and garage tents mobile?

After disassembly and transfer to another location, any structure will remain operational. The process can be repeated as many times as necessary. This is a big advantage for companies which are systematically on the move for their activities. It is also beneficial in agriculture, when one wants a site to rest between cultivation to avoid soil fatigue. Disassembly of the structure is as easy as assembly. Sliding polytunnels are another example of a movable structure, drifting on special designed rails and pulled with an off-road car or tractor. When planning crops, farmers can set up a greenhouse exactly when and where it is needed.

Are modular constructions temporary buildings?

The method used to anchor them will determine whether they can be considered as temporary or permanent buildings. Depending on location, standards and regulations, building permission will require more or less effort. Moving a building according to the law require notification to the appropriate department. However, in order not to complicate the matter, it is worth a visit to the office where an employee will give you more information on this topic.

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