Fruit trees and shrubs for cultivation under cover

Fruit trees and shrubs for cultivation under cover

Fruit trees and shrubs for cultivation under cover represent a growing trend inside polytunnels. Thanks to the foil on top of the steel frame, a favorable microclimate is created inside the greenhouse. Every gardening enthusiast is aware that the reward from growing in your own garden is much tastier crops. How, where and what to watch out for when buying seedlings will be revealed on this Krosagro blog.

Fruit trees and shrubs for cultivation under cover in a polytunnel

The end of the growing season creates opportunities in terms of garden planning for the near future. When looking for new seedlings, it’s worth choosing those from proven nurseries, well-rated gardening and online stores. Investing in plants from unproven suppliers can lead to disappointment. Things can even get more complicated when diseases spread to other species. As far as seedlings are concerned, it’s recommended to choose them locally. This increases their chances to establish themselves in a new place. A similar soil type and atmospheric conditions will favor their adaptation.

When to buy trees and shrubs for the garden?

Depending on when you intend to plant, choose trees with bare root or in pots. These are in no way inferior, but there are differences in price between them. The first are usually available from autumn to spring, as the ideal time for planting is October and November. If properly done, seedlings will take root before winter starts. Trees should have no less than four 30 cm long roots, as well as many smaller ones deriving from the main one. Any perforations on the bark and discoloration indicate that the plant is unhealthy. Therefore, it is better to look for another one. Seedlings in pots are available from spring to autumn. When planting them, remember that roots should be kept humid.

Autumn planting of trees and shrubs

Buying seedlings in the fall remains a good option. When planting at such a time, young trees avail of more water, which facilitates absorption. Plants, in autumn, go into a slower state of growth, which significantly reduces the chances of failure following a bad transplantation. It is worth remembering that in October and November, thermophilic trees and shrubs should not be planted: peaches, vines, apricots, etc. Frost might affect them and interrupt their growing cycle. These types of plants are to be placed in a mini foil tunnel for protection against the cold.

When to plant fruiting shrubs?

It is commun practice to plant before the first frost, before soil gets really cold. It’s obviously hard to predict when the temperature will drop below 0. Usually in central Europe, this occurs between October and November. So keep this in mind when shopping for plants. This will influence preparation in advance of an optimal site, as well as a delay to allow adaptation in the new location.

Best varieties of fruit trees and shrubs

It is difficult to determine which of them deserve such a status, as gardeners, seed producers and bloggers will argue. Opt for the ones characterized by resistance to cold, low susceptibility to diseases and most importantly, their ability to develop in polytunnels. When buying seedlings, it is good to take into account their soil requirements. Also check whether the substrate in the garden is suitable for their cultivation.

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