Tent hall offer

Tent hall offer

Whatever the time of the year, when companies’production increases and the number of orders grows, there is usually a problem with storage. Products left outside are exposed to weather phenomena. This might lead to their destruction or deterioration, and a drop in their value. Many entrepreneurs refrain from setting up a new warehouse due to the costs involved. Investing in a tent hall is an optional solution for one season or several years.

Economical storage solutions

Running a company is a systematic calculation and simulation of costs. Work efficiency, process optimization and constant adaptation to market needs. One important aspect of a well-functioning business is storage space. To meet demand, it is necessary to choose a storage construction that can be used for years. A permanent building, although more robust in appearance, is associated with high building costs. That’s why modular steel constructions are so often chosen instead.

Modular Krosagro halls

These are kits of elements made of hot-dip galvanized steel. A customer buying a storage tent receives a structure that is ready to be assembled after unpacking. The support of designers, clear instructions and quick information exchange between. The Krosagro workforce and the investor guarantee a smooth and efficient construction process. Permits to build such a project are reduced to a minimum, so the time lost with paperwork is much smaller.

An all-year storage tent

Thanks to the hot dip galvanizing method, pipes and profiles are covered with an anti-corrosion layer at production stage. The investor is assured that steel is protected against corrosion. As far as covering material is concerned. Thick and strong tarpaulins created for large-size units are used. These are able to withstand strong gusts of wind, heavy rain, hail and snow load. The customer can choose from a wide range of protective cover to achieve the right conditions inside the tent.

Design of a tent hall

With an offer growing every year,  Krosagro design constructions worldwide. For international dealers, and guarantee the supply of a high quality product. Being both producer of steel constructions and user of these facilities, we choose optimal and, at the same time, economical solutions. Not compromising on manufacturing costs or low quality raw materials, using proven and optimal production methods, we create fully functional structures. Modular designs make it possible to equip standard constructions with automation systems (ventilation, heating, lighting, etc.) and modify the structure by expanding it and adding to it, while remaining fully compatible with the original frame.

Functions of steel halls with steel pipes and profiles

Modular, mobile and functional prefabricated tents constitute an optimal storage space. You can change their function and adapt them for a different task at any time. During such a transformation, the structure retains its strength and the entrepreneur gets additional space to run his business. Tents are mainly intended for:

  • conferences, fairs, events
  • garages for machines and vehicles
  • industrial and processing halls
  • warehouses
  • sporting events
  • outdoor events

Dimensions of storage halls

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