Categories of tunnels

For most people, a foil tunnel is associated with crops, but as a construction, it has a very universal application. The hot-dip galvanized structure has a wide enough span that can be used as a garage. Where you can store cars, minibuses and trucks. For logistics companies, it is an economical and effective solution to park a fleet of vehicles. On the other hand, farmers, in addition to the use of greenhouses for cultivation. May allocate it to store agricultural goods, keep livestock, machinery and agricultural equipment. However, not only those industries will find an application for that hall or, if you prefer, a tunnel.

Categories of tunnels

Cultivation tunnels

  • the majority of people running farms and plant production use greenhouses as a cover for cultivation. Inside, vegetables and fruits ripen safely under the foil, and do not get exposed to hail. Intense rains and strong gusts of wind to optimally grow. Closed structures are used for thermophilic plants, opened ones for crops requiring constant ventilation, and professional facilities for automated cultivation systems. Size, span and height are a matter of individual order, so that the structure is fully adapted to the type of harvest.

Agricultural tunnels

  • as a rule they are supposed to support the plantation and the farm. They can be used to store post-season landfill, cereal , hay bales, or as a garage for agricultural machinery, a site for animal feed etc. etc. In addition, during the season, a completely different function can be given to the structure. Long life of hot-dip galvanized elements, several ground fixing possibilities and modular building are the benefits for a farmer.

Breeding tunnels

  • this requires much larger modifications inside, so that conditions for animals and their good health are good enough. This brings a significant profit to the breeder. From season to season, outdoor conditions are constantly changing. It is worth taking this into account when planning, for less hassle in case of reorganization of such a facility . Designers will include this factor in the construction plans to match the client’s requirements.

Storage tunnels

  • anyone running a business knows how valuable storage space is. It is an inseparable part of production and sales. Leaving the goods outside is a big risk, some materials are not resistant to atmospheric conditions. Any damage reduces the value of the product, and finding a buyer becomes more difficult. The cost of a brick warehouse can be high and involves a number of permits. While the arched hall is a more economical and quicker solution. Instead of a transparent foil on the rack, you can apply a different type of cover. Which can be much better suited to the customer’s needs.

Garage tunnels

  • these structures can be tailored to the needs of logistics companies, courier companies, taxi carriers and car or agricultural machinery sellers. In addition to their aesthetic appearance, durability and a solid frame guarantee they can be used for many years. They protect vehicles against wind and rain, and colour fading.

Sports tunnels

  • these are also based on an arched structure. Often, they can be found as a cover for tennis courts, carousels , football pitches and many others. They give users comfort while practicing sports, as they are not exposed to rain and wind, and training is not affected even during rough weather.

Industrial tunnels

  • due to the light and easy installation, the construction industry often chooses this type of halls for storage of materials and construction machines. Fast assembly, easy to transport, modular buildings are a few of the reasons behind this decision. But there are more activities where tents can potentially be used. For companies generating waste, it is important to store it properly, including their subsequent removal. The cover facilitate their disposal and safe storage.

Professional steel constructions

The universality of structures allows their use in many industries, their functionality depends mainly on whether the investor is able to come up with a choice. Height, width and length are fully alterable parameters. When these are agreed, the customer receives a product tailored to the order, fulfilling its requirements and optimally fit fur purpose.

The modular system enables connection of additional elements, fitting and adaptation of support systems. For the buyer, this means increase of the usable space while developing his business.

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