Types of storage tents

A mobile storage tent will definitely be useful for any car, camper, motorcycle or quad owner. The garage will also be welcome to store machinery, tools, accessories and other materials. Their universal nature means that construction can serve as a shelter on a parcel , as well as a storage area for business.

In this Krosagro document, we will talk about the types of storage tents and their universality.

Weather phenomena and mobile tent

Weather phenomena are factors that affect the quality of equipment. Over time, the goods develops more and more defects, until they are no longer usable. To extend the life of machines and accessories. Make sure to protect them from rain, sun, gusts of wind and sudden temperature changes. By owning a garage tent, you can properly store and preserve vehicles, tools and machines for long-term use.

Differences between garage tent

The choice of a garage or a storage tent is not easy. Differences between the models available on the market are obvious, especially the price. The main cost in the production of this type of structures is the frame, the quality of which depends on the materials used. Solid structures will be steel, although the diameter and thickness of the tubes still need to be checked. These parameters will mainly affect resistance to wind, heavy rain, hail and, in winter, snowfall covering the tarpaulin. The construction will have to demonstrate increased durability as well as anti-corrosion protection. You will then be sure that everything you store inside is safe.

Corrosion is a natural process that can be limited by applying corrosion protection on to the elements. With steel constructions consisting of pipes and profiles, a hot-dip galvanizing method is used. The material treated with such a layer shows slow signs of decline. When properly maintained, there is no risk of corrosion.

Types of garage tents

  • Portable straight garage – the construction rests on a frame in contact with the ground. The other tubes and profiles supported by the base form the roof. An inclined roof on both sides facilitates the flow of water.
  • Gothic tent – a frame similar to the one above, except that the walls are inclined. Such a shape gives the frame a more aerodynamic shape. It becomes much easier to resist strong gusts of wind. The tubes and profiles stabilize the structure on each joint.
  • Tunnel tent – this type of structure consists only of arches. The arches form both walls and roof, creating a semi-circular structure. Stable on the ground, this particular one is able to withstand extreme weather conditions. The streamlined shape evacuates rain and snow, so there is no risk of water stagnation or snow loads that could damage the frame.

Mobile storage and modular garage tents

Knowing the differences and the types of storage tents, it is interesting to take into account two other characteristics that turn them into optimal products: mobility and modularity. Simple and fast assembly and disassembly allows you to place the structure wherever you want and move it to another location. Throughout the process, the tent does not lose its functionality. This is an asset for contractors who manage orders outside and need a storage point. It will also be useful in trading activity when it is necessary to systematically mount and unfold the facility. Nothing stops you from putting away your tent when you do not need it. Some Krosagro customers also use the structure as a garage for a motorhome in case of long term parking. The versatility of the tent allows adaptation to many different functions and in various locations.

Modularity, the second of the mentioned features, means the possibility of shaping the structure according to your needs. When investing in a garage or storage tent, you do not have to worry about running out of space at any given time. Constructions designed by Krosagro offer extension possibilities. When the need for additional space occurs, simply order the number of segments required and then combine them with the existing structure. The accessories are always available in the manufacturer’s warehouse, so quick supply is always possible.

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