Tent hall for farming

Tent hall for farming 1

A tent hall for farming is a versatile structure to use. Thanks to its universal construction and modular frame, it offers a lot of benefits to growers and farmers. It is a much cheaper solution for storage than a brick building. Easy to modify, halls enable you to adapt their functions depending on your needs and seasons. They can be altered, without fearing that the construction will lose any of its strength.

Tent hall for agriculture – space for garage and storage

Cultivation does not start with the arrival of spring to end in autumn. This is a year-round activity. During this time, the tent hall will come in handy as:

  • Storage for crops

Although the end of the cultivating season is still far away, it is worth considering where to store crops. With the appropriate estimation, the farmer will know how much space he needs for future harvests. Small and large tent halls will be useful when storing fruit and vegetables of any type. The construction itself will protect the crop from weather conditions, however, additional equipment will help keep products in good condition.

  • Tent hall for animal keeping

The construction of steel pipes and profiles will also be useful to keep cattle and pigs. Inside the structure, you can easily install boxes, drinking and feeding areas, etc, so that the animals avail of the right conditions for development, and for the breeder to implement caring duties. The tarpaulin cover applied onto the frame guarantees year-round protection against weather conditions. Poultry or cattle are therefore less susceptible to disease, and work inside can be carried out even during bad weather.

  • Garage for agricultural machinery

As the season goes, some of the machines will remain unstirred until the moment they will be needed again. Keeping them away from corrosion will be necessary to operate them efficiently. Although not all vehicles can be stored, parking tractors, front loaders, ploughers etc. under a tarpaulin will make them less susceptible to damages resulting from weather changes.

  • Tool storage

The number of items used for plant production as well as animal keeping is huge. Without proper storage, they will quickly deteriorate and become unreliable when needed. In order for them to be ready and in good condition, it is recommended to gather them in an agricultural hall. These are so convenient that you can drive in and out, so loading and unloading is easy.

Modular tent hall

All structures in the available offer are made on order. They are therefore tailored to each client’s needs. They are characterized by optimal width, as well as height. Thanks to their modular design, they can be expanded. Owners can adjust their facility to the amount of harvested crops, the number of machines or animals. The cost of such a structure is much smaller than the extension of a brick building. Inside, you can fit electrical installations, irrigation, heating and many other support devices when breeding, storing, as well as working under cover.

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