Tent hall for grain

Storage of crops in a tent

A tent hall for grain will be useful in any farm where storage is needed. Modular steel structures, thanks to their versatility, can be used to stockpile crops. To store them properly, the important thing is to maintain an adequate air flow, as well as monitoring humidity rate and temperature. That way, crops will be less susceptible to mold. Investing in such a structure is crucial for any producer. But silos are expensive, and not every farmer can afford such a purchase. Modular tents, which offer similar conditions, offer a sensible alternative.

Tent hall for grain

Storing cereal is about more than keeping it in a covered location. The most important parameters are temperature and humidity. Multiple factors, as well as harvesting conditions, will affect their conservation. The optimal timing for harvest is when grain moisture content reaches 14%. You can then store crops at room temperature. However, if that rate is higher, drying is required.

Preparation of cereals for storage

Even before storing grain in the agricultural hall, a certain amount of precautions are required. The first step is to eliminate imperfections. For this purpose, special equipment is used to remove dirt and non edible residue. Then usually, grains are dried to reach a humidity level of 14%. As a result of this process, cereals can be stored in a warehouse. Goods must be isolated from the ground, with a concrete screed or paving slabs to reduce moisture. Additionally, a constant airflow inside the tent will be needed.

Agricultural commercial hall

Before choosing a specific model, it is recommended to become familiar with the various specifications of a construction made from steel pipes and profiles. These must be resistant to weather conditions such as strong winds, precipitation and snow. Such structures must be designed for all year round use. In order to reinforce hall frames, steel trellises can be integrated, adding substantial weight and stabilizing the installation. The type of coverage will be another important component. It should be resistant to low and high temperatures, flame retardant and easy to mount. Tarpaulins available in the online shop are secured to the frame with straps. Their impermeability allows sound protection against climatic hazards.

Modular steel structures

Each of the available structures in the online store is designed according to a modular expansion system. This means that users can modify and extend their facility at any time, in length or width. This enables them to increase the size of their construction indexed on their business growth rate.

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