Garden and storage covers – foil and tarpaulin

Garden and storage covers - foil and tarpaulin

Garden and storage covers – foil and tarpaulin – are materials that are always found around the garden. In autumn, winter, and early spring, when the temperature is rather low, frost and snowfalls are still possible. Plants are then stored inside constructions made of steel pipes and profiles, covered with foil. Furniture, garden equipment, bicycles and toys are also stored in modular tents. Warehouse tents are covered with a strong tarpaulin. Although structures themselves can differ as manufacturers use various solutions, a synthetic material used as a protective cover remains the common feature. Various foils and tarpaulins perform well on small facilities as well as commercial constructions.

Garden and storage covers – foil and tarpaulin for cultivation, storage and garage

In the case of garage and storage, the simplest solution would be to move things inside a dry room. Unfortunately over time, a lack of space is sometimes being felt, even after several arrangements. Then it becomes necessary to store items under cover. By leaving them outside, they would quickly begin to deteriorate with moisture, sunlight, low and high temperatures. They could also get dirty, covered with bird guano, becoming rusty and unreliable in the long run. This can be achieved at a small cost: all you have to do is store goods in a portable tent with a tarpaulin cover. There are no restrictions on the use of a tarpaulin or foil. A greenhouse is usually associated with plants, but nothing prevents a change of function, for example, to dry clothes, cover the pool or a playground, a chicken coop, a shelter for animals.

Cover with tarpaulin

Covers can differ from each other. The most important is their resistance to atmospheric phenomena. When operating with a garage or storage tent, the structure is exposed to strong gusts of wind, rain, snow and ice. It is recommended to invest in a year round tarpaulin with increased abrasion resistance, frost and waterproof, which makes cleaning easier. Although it is a more expensive solution, it is much more beneficial.

Foil for cultivation under cover

Plastic films can be divided into two categories: for seasonal cultivation and for year-round plant production. Manufacturers usually give information about these parameters, notifying how many seasons the foil will last for. For example, UV2 foil is effective for two seasons. However, it should be remembered that one season means half a year. The bigger the number, the stronger the material. Covers for commercial production usually start with the UV10 parameter. Thanks to the foil, plants growing in greenhouses are protected against bad weather. They are safe from frost, sudden temperature drops, and even snow in year round production facilities.

Installation of foil or tarpaulin on constructions

The assembly method for the cover is different for each manufacturer. Foils for garden structures are secured with clips and optionally tape, whereas the extra plastic film is dug into the ground to stabilize the tunnel on each side. In the case of tarpaulin, it is sewn or welded into the mounting straps, which are clamped on the frame. In each of the above-mentioned systems, the material adheres strongly to the structure.

Use of foils and tarpaulins as a cover

These are very versatile covers that can also be used without being stretched onto a construction. Foil and tarpaulin can be used loose, just put it on the equipment or machine and then secure it.

Leaving objects exposed to the sun, rain, humidity and wind is a bad idea. Over time, signs of aging will begin to appear, with small defects first, followed then by irreparable damage. Nevertheless, providing an inexpensive cover to prevent any problem will turn out to be a sound investment.

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