Lighting of a tent hall

lighting for industrial hall

Lighting of a tent hall is one of the necessary investments affecting comfort and safety of work. Regardless of the size of the structure, its function and the number of persons employed, each facility has requirements defined by legal standards. Purchasing the appropriate systems and their proper deployment enables to reduce costs incurred for energy supply. Optimal lighting also means less hazards within the structure, and fewer accidents when performing duties

How to choose lighting for a tent hall

A 280m2 tent hall, just like any other production facility, is subject to a safety inspection. This procedure clearly defines what criteria should be met in order to be approved for work. The most important issues include adjusting the appropriate intensity (200 – 1500 lux), as well as the distribution of light. It is important to limit the number of places where light reflections occur. These could lead to workers being blinded by reflections on smooth surfaces. Requirements also include parameters such as color rendering and light distribution. The system should not affect goods stored in a warehouse. The lighting devices should retain their strength as long as possible.

Types of lighting

The market is full of different solutions, they differ in price and operation time. Each type has advantages and disadvantages:

  • incandescent – an old generation of lighting based on wire filament heated at such a high temperature that it glows. The advantage of this solution is the low price of lamps. The disadvantage, however, is low efficiency, and the fact that they should often be replaced (short life).


  • fluorescent lamps – longitudinal glass tubes, filled with phosphor, argon and mercury vapor. An electric current in the gas reacts with mercury vapor, which produces ultraviolet light. Ultraviolet radiation is created by an electrode that generates a glow discharge. The resulting effect causes a phosphor coating on the inside of the lamp to glow. Although they are slightly more expensive than the first method, and durability is better, they are highly harmful to the environment as waste. It is also not recommended to use them in places where rotating machines are used. This type of lighting creates a stroboscopic effect. The result is the impression that machines are not working. This can lead to a number of accidents that are costly for the investor.


  • LED – It is a P– N junction diode that emits light when activated.Both of these main elements of the lamp layer appear in semiconductor chips. This is one of the most expensive options presented. However, it is characterized by high efficiency, long life time and considerable safety. They do not contain any harmful chemicals.

Lighting design for a hall

The priority when selecting the right lighting, in addition to otaining the required parameters, is also to reduce the costs associated with its use, as well as operating costs. The best choice for storage and industrial tents are LEDs, which combine both required features, use little energy, and generate a large amount of light. There are many solutions on the market with different colors. Two things are important for industrial operation: neutral and cold. Each lamp differs in the type of diode, angle of lightning, elements, durability, etc. The choice of a particular product depends on the investor’s individual needs. The purchase decision should be based on a design that has been suited to the site. For such a project, after receiving expert opinion, all data should be selected in order to allow the product to adapt optimally to the phenomena that will affect it.

Tent halls for companies

The lighting of a tent hall is a straight forward process. The frame has been designed so that the installation runs smoothly and is as simple as possible. A steel structure, made of pipes and profiles, holds many places on which cables can be mounted. That way, the entire system is safe and fully functional in terms. Thanks to thoughtful construction solutions, industrial tent halls will be valuable in any type of business.

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