Tent hall – questions and answers

Tent hall - questions and answers

Tent hall – questions and answers. What follows is a collection of information that should clarify doubts arising when selecting a hall structure. Modular constructions, thanks to their numerous advantages, are an alternative to permanent warehouse buildings. In some industries, they outperform standard solutions. They are easy to modify and, importantly, attractive in terms of price. Structures of this type are suited to both domestic and foreign markets.

Tent hall – questions and answers from clients and investors

What is a tent hall?

It is a modular steel construction covered with a PVC cover. This system enables it to withstand harsh weather conditions. For better stability, it is secured to the ground with anchors. The tarpaulin applied onto the construction is fastened with straps welded into the tarpaulin.

Which cover for tent halls?

Usually, a PVC tarpaulin covers machines, products and tools. Made from several bonded membranes, it features flame retardant properties, protection against UV rays and remains easy to clean. It is also characterized by its durability: a good quality cover is able to withstand tough weather conditions. The stronger ones are created in order to be used throughout the year. They have higher strength parameters to cope with ice and snow during winter.

What does modular structure mean?

After setting it up and anchoring it, such a facility can be modified at any time by its owner. Each section of the structure is a unit that can be used at will. Connected in length or width, these segments can form a larger structure. New elements, constantly available from the manufacturer Krosagro, can be combined with the existing ones.

Are tent frames protected against rust?

Structures made of steel pipes and profiles are protected with zinc. Whether it is galvanized or hot dip galvanized, such a layer protects all steel parts against corrosion. When exposed to moisture, aging is limited. Thanks to cyclical maintenance, a tent hall will remain operational for many years.

What are mobile tent halls?

Modular tents have been designed in a way to be assembled easily and efficiently. Dismantling is even simpler and the construction can then be stored until it is needed again or re-erected after shipping to its new location. It remains fully functional. When a portable warehouse is required, mobile tent halls represent the optimal solution for a well-managed business.

Are portable tents considered as temporary buildings?

By law, they can be both listed as permanent and temporary objects. It all depends on their intended use. It may also happen that a temporary construction, in place for a long period, becomes eventually a permanent building.

Do tent halls offer long term service?

Galvanized steel structures covered with a tarpaulin are year-round facilities. These models are designed to cope with difficult weather conditions. Reliability is guaranteed by Stal Impex’s 20 years of experience in the steel industry.

For what purposes can a modular hall be used?

Thanks to their spaciousness and universal nature, they can be used for almost any activity related to storage and garage. Halls can also be used as industrial tent, for production and animal breeding, as well as event facilities. The only limit is the buyer’s imagination.

What determines the price of a tent hall?

It will be mainly: size, type of anti-corrosion method used to protect steel elements, tarpaulin weight, as well as additional accessories. Transport should be added to the total, not to mention the optional cost of labour to build the structure.

Steps to assemble storage tents

The first step to take is to prepare the ground. The site must be leveled and stable. Owners can carry out the assembly themselves, without having to hire employees. The building plans provided by Krosagro are easy to understand. By following the attached instructions, the tent will be ready in no time.

Are tent halls fireproof?

Tarpaulins stretched on the steel structure present a low risk in relation to fire. They are treated with substances which increase their fire resistance.

What to do with a damaged tarpaulin?

If the damage is minor, just use a strong repair tape. In the case of severe tears, it will be necessary to replace the entire cover. Other sheets can be used as an additional protection against weather conditions for devices and machines. Covers are made of PVC, so it is worth disposing of them at a designated collection point.

Krosagro tent hall

The Krostrade online store has been supplying the domestic and foreign markets for a number of years.

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