Sports hall tent

Sports hall tent

Sports hall tents are one of the numerous types of modular steel constructions. As more and more is required from modern facilities, a simple process when modifying such structures becomes a key feature, in addition to functionality and safety. Tents are increasingly replacing conventional buildings, as an inexpensive alternative. They can meet even the most demanding requirements, and thanks to their universality, they can be adapted to suit various activities.

Sports hall tent for academies and companies

The most important with construction is to ensure safety of users. Their strength largely depends on the systems that were used in their design. Regardless of whether it is a standard or turnkey project, Krosagro offers well thought-out solutions. As year-round facilities, these are designed even for the most difficult weather conditions. In the event of a gale, heavy snowfall or rainfall, they can withstand any meteorological hazard they are exposed to.

Construction of sports hall tents

Each element of the structure is made of steel, and consists of pipes, profiles and sections. Secured to each other by clamps, connectors, bolts and screws, they form a compact frame. Any facility can be divided into segments, where each module can be operated separately. This allows you to modify at will, add accessories and extend in length or width. Owners can plan additional segments at any time, adjusting the space to their needs. Such a process is less expensive and faster to implement than the expansion of a brick or steel building. Importantly, the frame parts are covered with an anti-corrosion layer. Depending on the product ordered, it can be galvanized or hot dip galvanized. Such a process protects against corrosion resulting from permanent exposure to moisture.

Appearance of modular constructions

The cover on the entire frame is a tarpaulin. Its color and weight depend on the type of membrane. Colors make it easier to distinguish one pvc cover from another, so before deciding on a specific one, it is worth checking its technical characteristics. There is also a possibility to feature printed information, for visibility and easy identification from a distance. Among others, you can find company logos, event names, site indications, etc. Layout can be arranged as required. Benches, stands, barriers, nets, bins, paths, boxes, toilets can be installed. All you need is a well thought-out plan and your tent hall will be fully functional.

Using hall tents for sport

Thanks to their adaptability, they will fulfill their role regarding various sports. A large space means they may be used as riding schools, training and equestrian competitions. Full-size tennis courts, volleyball, football, street workout parks, skate parks, ice rings, swimming pools, go-kart track, etc are also suitable. They can be operated as seasonal or year-round constructions. If needed, they can be dismantled, transported to another site and stored until required. Such mobility enables you to cover participants, machines or animals during any event, manage logistics for competitions and even championships. As assembly remains very simple, there is no need to hire expensive staff, you can do it on your own. Clear instructions facilitate the process. In case of any doubt, designers will advice by phone for a smooth completion.

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