9 Best Crops To Grow In A Small Polytunnel

9 Best Crops To Grow In A Small Polytunnel

Tomatoes, garlic, zucchini, broccoli… are ones of the most popular crops can be cultivated in a small polytunnel. With proper care, even a 5m2 garden tunnel will produce enough vegetables for the whole family. There are many gardening tricks to guarantee a better yield. Let’s see which species are most suited to growing under cover.


Planning crops in a small space under cover.

In comparison to open air production, crops under cover ripen fully and several harvests are possible during the year. In contrast, plants that require longer maturation avail of the right amount of time to fully develop in a polytunnel. If the winter is mild, there is no obstacle to start cultivating much earlier than in open fields. The first stage will be preparation of seedlings, and when these are ready, they can planted in a permanent site.

A polytunnel limits the negative effects of frost for the owner of such a structure. Allowing him to start cultivating much earlier and, at the same time, run the production for much longer. However, it should be remembered that a garden tunnel is only a tool. It is up to the operator to effectively use it . Therefore, before buying seeds, it’s worth following a few tips:

How to procede?

  • Sow what you like – if you do not like a plant, there is no point in forcing yourself to grow it, even if it contains a lot of nutritional and health benefits. Gardening offers you a wide selection of options with a tasty replacement.
  • Save on vegetables – living in such a comfortable society, we can buy vegetables and fruits any time. Therefore, one would rather cultivate the goods that are costly or appear systematically on the shopping list. This is a way to ease the pressure on the household budget and make other expenditures affordable. If growing under cover becomes a hobby. The polytunnel can be enlarged with further segments (modular steel structure) or second one can be bought.
  • Choose plants that grow from scraps – thanks to this , you will have fresh vegetables at hand. All you need is a bit of land, sun, water and a small amount of work, and your diet will be improved. Onions, radishes, garlic, ginger, romaine lettuce, fenneltomato, leeks, celery, pak choy and many other plants are able to develop from just a small root or shoot.
  • Do what you want – many plants that were once popular and fell into oblivion. Therefore, it is worth experimenting and looking for something new, without limiting yourself to a narrow list of regular fruits and vegetables. Producing for your own consumption, you have full control over what you eat. Your entire crop can be fully organic, if you wish to operate that way of course . Scorzonera, Jerusalem artichoke, kale, eggplant, and bean are just a few options worth having in a foil tunnel.

What to grow in a small polytunnel?

It is difficult to answer this question unambiguously. If you want to optimize the space, it is worth choosing plants that can grow side by side using the coordinating method. However, if we take into account the plants we like and their different requirements, it is worth buying or making tables, garden boxes and hanging pots, integrating them into the construction. Of course, you can combine these tips and compromise, which also guarantees a varied and tasty harvest.

What to grow in a foil tunnel


Similar to onions, but more aromatic and much sweeter. Mature quickly and can be harvested several times a year.


With a few cloves of garlic, you can generate a great crop. As it is often used in the kitchen, it is always recommended in the tunnel.


Leaves can be collected whenever needed from the plant which then produces new ones, providing fresh addition to dishes, salads and sandwiches.


A plant resistant to frost, which can be grown until late autumn and even winter. Harvested straight from the garden, as in the case of lettuce, offering fresh flowers and new florets.

Sugar peas

Pods can be eaten both raw and cooked, very nutritious . After collection, the plant releases new ones.


Although available in stores every day, it’s usually without their leaves which are very nutritious and tasty.


An ideal plant for greenhouse cultivation due to its thermophilic nature. It takes a while to mature, but worth the time and effort.

Cocktail tomatoes

Plant with small fruits and low height , ideally suited solution for small garden structures. Inside, tomatoes are protected from pests and get the right amount of heat,  ensuring a harvest of tasty fruits.


They occupy very little space and do not require much effort. In the daily preparation of food, dried ones are used. Fresh ones have fuller aromas and taste though.


The cultivation season is fast approaching, so it’s time to get ready for it. You can already start planning  your future harvests in your small polytunnel. This mix of vegetables , fruits and herbs will definitely constitute a good start in your polytunnel all year round.

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